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Most small business owners are aware they can use the internet to find new vendors, keep track of industry trends, and connect with a worldwide consumer base. However, many local business owners are reluctant to take advantage of the internet to market their business.

Local business owners need to understand the power of the Internet for search and discovery. Ironically, for local services, such as sandwich shop, people use the internet to find where they want to spend their money. Modern consumers are far less likely to discover a business simply by seeing its sign on the road than they were the past. By ensuring their business can be found through online searches, local business owners exponentially increase the odds that consumers will find out about their services.

Many local owners don’t want to waste money by advertising to people who can’t possibly use their services. This is where you can provide assistance to local businesses by offering a dedicated local website to promote businesses/services.

You need to have a local area website to help the owners to promote their businesses/services. Of course, designing website could be cost prohibitive. There is a solution that is feasible. Now you can your exclusive local website anywhere in the world for only $10/year. Ironically, you will also get 100% of revenues from advertisements placed in your local website.

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Here is short synopsis for what you can get for local city website (for only $10/year)

You get ONLY designated website for YOUR city/town/county for one year. You can maintain the site by renewing every year at the same cost.

You get 100% of all purchases of top “Sponsored” advertisements paid directly to you. Total setup is provided so that payment is directed to you as you prefer.

You get FORTY (40) Top Sponsored Advertisements with 1 million views each to use.

You get Twenty-five (25) unlimited lifetime boxed text-ads to sell or use it for yourself. Any sales you make, you get to keep 100%.

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Getting Traffic

Like any online or offline business, you have to generate traffic to your local city website. The main Site assists you in getting traffic to your local site by helping you sell your city sponsor ads.

As soon as you have 1,000 views per month for your city, your city will be placed on Main Site’s Top Cities and Sponsor a City list to HELP you get more traffic and sales.


Your local website is ultimately your responsibility but you are not left in dark. There is live support service provided during business hours (and beyond). In addition there are seven main videos that give you specific training related to placement of ads. If you are serious and determined, this is best tool to generate revenue from the system itself. In addition, you will also be able to market your own businesses.

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How To Get Off Sugar?


It is often said that you are what you eat.  Perhaps, by consuming sweets will make you sweeter.  Unfortunately, sugar can kill you eventually.

How does one limit intake of sugar, you ask.

It’s not as easy, but it can be done.  Often, you crave sweets (sugar) because your diet may be too low in whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  In addition, if you are eating lot of refined and processed foods and sugar, you will carve more sugar.

21 Day Sugar Detox 

Here are some helpful tips to reduce added sugar intake:

Stop drinking any sweetened beverages. Even a single soda can have impact on your health. A researcher at Virginia Tech found that replacing just one sugary soda a day can reduce your weight and improve your overall health. Replace with water or sparkling water or herbal teas. Usually, nice chilled ice water may do the trick.

Make up a large pitcher of unsweetened iced green tea with lemon and mint and keep it in your fridge.

If you add sugar to coffee or tea slowly cut down the amount that you put in by half each time until you find you no longer need it.

21 Day Sugar Detox 

Be sure to have two servings of fruit per day. (Berries, green apple, oranges and kiwi)
Have sour foods (lemons, limes, bitter melon, grapefruit, apple cider vinegar, Greek yogurt, kimchi, rhubarb).

Don’t skip meals. It is important to make sure you eat at regular intervals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar stable.

Start your day off with protein.

Add spices to your foods: pepper, cayenne pepper, parsley, oregano, turmeric, ginger, garlic.

21 Day Sugar Detox 

Exercise regularly!

Stay away from processed foods and eat whole foods.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep means your body will crave more sweets/sugar.

Blood Sugar Normalized 

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Happiness Is Within You


Amazing as it may be, so many seek happiness not knowing where and how to attain it. Some seek by being the best at their job. Some seek by making more money. Some seek by having people around them. But the sad part is that happiness is not attained by most of us.

The irony is that  most of us search at wrong places. The journey to happiness begins with you and ends within you. Folks, this is not a profound statement. Basically, bulk of our happiness is genetic. Really!

Earn While Helping  Others Stay Healthy 

To make us happy, many of us accumulate more things in life. But happiness is short-lived. As it turns out, there’s a scientific reason this strategy won’t do us much good.

In a nutshell, about 10% of our happiness comes from external things that happen to us- such as changes in career, relationships or income. Surely we celebrate and feel good, but these emotions of happiness are only temporary. Eventually that boost in happiness you get from a job promotion or marriage proposal will abate, and you’ll be back to the same baseline level of happiness you were before the exciting change.

According to a psychological phenomenon, hedonic adaptation, we all have a base level of happiness that’s basically unchangeable — regardless of what happens in our lives. That is, most of us are running on a treadmill of life and yet not getting anywhere in terms of happiness.

How to make a change and be happy, you ask.

Though there are many ways we can improve our overall state of happiness, the answer is really within each one of us. After all, only you really know what makes you “REAL” happy.
If you do not know real “you”, then perhaps you need to discover yourself.  It is never too late to discover the real you. Perhaps, you can take up meditating. Meditating enables you to focus intently and quietly on the present for set periods of time. It lessens your feelings of depression and anxiety.

According to some researchers, volunteering results in a reduced risk of depression, a higher amount of overall satisfaction, and even a reduced risk of death from of a physical illness as a consequence of mental distress.

Really, only you can find happiness. You do not have to  be far. Happiness is within you. All you have to do is focus in the present, be grateful for what you have, and stop to enjoy it!

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The Child Who Was Never Born


Five years ago a young Slovakian artist, Hudacek created a statue that would offer hope and healing to post-abortive women suffering from pain and regret – and the project would touch hearts around the world.

The statue, “The Child Who Was Neve Born” portrays a suffering mother in imitation stone. She is grieving with her face buried in her hands. She is approached by her aborted baby, depicted in a young child’s transparent form. The child reaches up to touch the woman’s head in a tender gesture of forgiveness and healing.

There comes a time when most women ultimately seek forgiveness for the decision they had made about a life of a child.  Hudacek realized and he was “touched in such way that I wanted to make a monument for the unborn children.”

Being Healthy and Happy

Hudacek emphasizes that the statue seeks to fulfill the need for mercy. It speaks about healing by way of a child that comes to a mother who “really needs forgiveness, she needs the mercy of God.”

It is interesting indeed that many women who are educated so much so the life of potential human being boils down to their body and only they have right to decide.  The sad part is that the body may be their own but what happens to their body in the long run does not depend on them.  But the essential fact that can’t be changed is that creation of human species is amazing phenomenon. Life is precious and leads to a question, “Who has the right to deny a life that is so precious?”

Being Healthy and Happy

The power of internet is such that Hudacek’s statute is presented in diverse ways. In referring to statute’s popularity, Hudacek said, “I see it is a world issue, thus I am personally impressed and I am glad I can participate in God’s work.”

Freeedom Is In Empowering You

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Smart And Sassy Amelia May Be Your Replacement


It is so amazing to watch political drama every four years.  There is outcry about unfair treatment at work places- unequal pay, minimum wage, maternal/paternal leave.  But my concern is not about politics but how the politicians are playing with people’s emotions.  But politicians with help of business folks are helping to reduce workforce.

So for the wise ones out there, be aware of what is going on.  No politicians can help you either because they can’t or they won’t.  But you need to help yourself by strategizing and preparing yourself for the inevitable future.   The future which may involve you not being employed anymore- at least the way you have been used to.

Why, you ask.  Simple answer, Amelia is here.

Amelia is bright.  She sounds vivacious. She is pleasant.  She never loses her cool. She is composed.  She doesn’t get frustrated.  She does not get confused.  She does not take any breaks.  As a matter of fact, she can perform for you around the clock.  She does not ask for any pay.  She does not ask for benefits. She does not gossip.  She is humble and willing to attend to all your commands.  She may require maintenance (that is normally scheduled).  She doesn’t get headaches nor does she call in sick.

Wouldn’t you like to hire Amelia?

Of course, who wouldn’t?  Satire aside, Amelia is here and eventually she will be replacing many folks.  Earlier machines revolutionized agriculture, manufacturing, utilities and other sectors of the country’s economy and took over jobs of many employed folks.  Now similar revolution is in the making.  The revolution is creating machines.  These machines are different.  These machines are substitution for actual human being.  These are artificial intelligent (AI) machines who will take over human labor force in the country’s service industry.

Amelia is your eventual replacement.  Are you prepared?

Amelia is the complete package: smart, sophisticated, industrious and loyal. Amelia can automate any process within your business. From helping customers open new bank accounts to processing insurance claims and registering patients for hospital entry, Amelia has countless potential industry applications.

Amelia is an artificial intelligence platform created by Dube’s managed IT services firm IPsoft, IPsoft has developed virtual agent avatar poised to redefine how enterprises operate by automating and enhancing a wide range of business processes. The product- Amelia- is still-ongoing 16-year developmental cycle.

Amelia, technical and yet very feminine, leverages cognitive technologies to interface with consumers and colleagues in astoundingly human terms, parsing questions, analyzing intent and even sensing emotions to resolve issues more efficiently and effectively than flesh-and-blood customer service representatives.

IPsoft unveiled Amelia in late 2014, and she is currently in trials across a handful of enterprises, including Shell Oil, Accenture, NTT Group and Baker Hughes, tackling everything from overseeing technology help desks to supporting financial operations to advising remote workers in the field.

How I prepare myself, you ask.

Being aware can be scary.  Most people will be worried and resign to accept what is inevitable.  But the brave ones will get prepare themselves so they can avoid unpleasant outcome.

So, prepare yourself by taking actions so that you are not totally dependent on your job (employer).  You need to engage in your business venture.  If you play your cards right, you know Amelia can help you.

Obstacles In Starting  Online Business

Overcoming Obstacles To Start Online Business

Yes, Amelia can help you.  Because Amelia learns the same way a conventional employee does, she fits comfortably into virtually any business environment, and since she’s cloud-based, she can be deployed anytime and anywhere, exploiting her fluency in more than 20 languages to communicate with customers and staffers across the globe.

In short, Amelia does have to replace you, but you can hire her so you can prosper.


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Overcoming Obstacles To Start Online Business


 Check Here for blog on Obstacles In Starting Online Business

It is expensive.

There are many low cost businesses that won’t eat up thousands of dollars.  Some are turn-key business, meaning that you set it up once and let it work for you.  Importantly, you need to devise your system that is generates traffic that yield leads that produces regular income for you.  Once you have developed the system, then you can always add (or delete) various products/services.

It is Time consuming.

As I stated above, setting up your system that generates traffic that yield targeted leads producing revenue.  This is evolving process and likely to take time.  But once you set up, all you have to do is to keep up with evolving products and services that are in demand
Eventually your business will be set such that your business won’t suck up all of your time or require your constant involvement.  This means that you will have more time to spend for you and your family.

 There is so much to learn.

There are some turnkey systems which do not require any learning curve so you can set it up and let it work for you.  It is easy and you will able generate revenues for you.  Please note a word of caution here.  Some of these systems are meant to start you on a right track, but you have to be tuned to latest developments of products and services that are in demand by the consumers.

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There is too much stress.

As you set up your initial system(s) that may be generating revenue, your stress will be remarkably reduced.  If you are proactive in plugging new product(s) and/or services to your system, you will be able to generate revenues over and over.  The basics of internet (or any) business is being able to have your own system that is capable of generating traffic yielding targeted leads producing revenue.

It’s only for techs or nerds. 

It is true that your online business will be dependent of computer, internet and numerous software.  That does not mean that you have to know all of the ins and outs of the computer world.  In many instances, you don’t even need your own website.  Some systems can be set up in less than 15 minutes and short video training.

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Understanding Basics of Business

Even in the online world of business, a good foundation requires marketing system- traffic generation to get targeted leads that buy your product/service.  In essence, finding and keeping clients is one of the main strategies you should constantly work on developing.


Online Business To Consider

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Obstacles In Starting Online Business


The era of working at a job and expecting it to last lifetime (until retirement) is almost extinct.  As a matter of fact, over 90 million people are without meaningful jobs in the United States.  It is scary picture indeed.  The options for earn livelihood (and plus more) are plenty thanks to internet.

There are significant advantages in being in internet business- flexible schedule and working from home.  The relishing fact is that you are your own ‘boss’.
Though there are many factors for venturing into internet business, you must weigh negatives associated with it.  It is imperative that you consider them and be prepared to address them.

Not Knowing Where To Start

Before starting an online business, you want to jump in, you at least need do some research. If you want to see results, you need to have some understanding of your market, your potential users, and your competition. Find a niche that seems promising and do some keyword research to help you get focused.  Once you decide You must stick with what you are doing. However, you must develop global approach, i.e. create a system which incorporates traffic generation yielding leads which brings you to clients (buyers).
There are many business models which are successful. Once you find your focus, stick with it and make it work. Jumping from affiliate program to affiliate program and niche to niche trivializes your efforts.

 Funnel System Generates Commission

It can be expensive.

Based on various published studies, the average cost of starting business is $30,000   But the good news is that internet business can be started with virtually nothing and build it from the ground up.  But it is not easy task.

It is too time consuming.

At the onset, you must know internet evolves at very fast pace.  That means, as a novice you have to learn basics and keep up with evolving techniques.  That means you have devote lots of time in learning.  The main drawback is that your family and/or social life will be shot for a long while. If you want to become successful in your internet business, you need to ensure that your family is backing you wholeheartedly.

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There is so much to learn.

As I stated above, internet evolves every hour if not every minute.  Then you have to be able to master in content creation, internet marketing and monetizing business.  Since, you are on your own in internet business, calling someone for help is not even an option.  Of course, Google may have some answers, but good luck with that.

In the online business, you are likely to spend too much time learning.  You will need to be disciplined and accept the fact that you will not learn EVERYTHING about internet.  Organize, challenge and commit yourself to completing tasks that directly affect your website in a positive way.  The immediate goal is to start a module that will generate a regular earning stream.  That will build your confidence and motivate you to develop more earning modules.

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It can be stressful.

The bottom line doesn’t change just because you are working on your own.  That means, you have to have money coming into your business so you can get paid.  You will be one-person squad to handle various issues in your business.  Unfortunately, it is possible some of these issues may block money coming your way.  If you believe that your personal worth is based on how much you ear, you are bound to feel like a failure at the beginning stages of your online business.  You need to understand that money does not come instantly in this business. Making the first hundred dollars consistently for six months in a row will be an arduous task.

It is technically overwhelming.

Just imagine what you have to learn to be in internet business- e-commerce, WordPress, website hosting, marketing, traffic generation, etc.  It could take months (or years) to learn just basics.  Unfortunately, nobody is born with the knowledge to run a successful home business.  So there are enormous challenges for you to become successful.

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America Is Great As It Evolves


In a recently release movie, Free State Jones, Matthew McConaughey plays a Confederate deserter turned guerrilla saint in a Civil War drama.  The role inspired him to think of what to love about America.

The character of the movie was selfish at the onset.  His fight started as very selfish.  He was deadly against the power-mongers taking away 10 percent of what he owned.  What started as defending his own rights, eventually turned into active force defending freedom for everyone.

McConaughey is excited about America because America turns the page and evolves quicker than most places historically. That is the reason he is inspired, and it makes him happy to be, and honored, to be an American..

McConaughey acknowledges the ugly parts of American history, but it is the truth that burns.  But as he puts it:

“It happened. It’s real. So let’s sit here and go, ‘Yeah, guess what man, the world is not all clean and neat. We want to expect the best in everyone but we have to understand that we all have good and bad in us, and these are some times when we’ve made mistakes, there are some things where people were just wrong, and this is how we’ve improved and are still evolving. This is a situation that you will be handed and which will be more evolved when you get to it.’”

Forging Ahead For Success

Darkest Days



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Experience Love Via Many Dimensions


The most important virtue of being human is capacity to love.  The irony is that human heart (some say mind) has enormous capacity to generate feelings to another being but we all express in one word- LOVE.  When you understand the different types of love out there, you can become conscious of how deep our connection is with ourselves and the other people in our lives.

Overall, the fairy tales, movies, novels, TV shows have emphasized love that is erupted by lust.  The mankind has created many myths and made humans believe things that are not real.  But the truth is that passion dwindles and quickly reality sinks in that a relationship is a transactional game in which one has to overcome frictions.

It is important to realize that there are many dimensions of love.  Once you realize various dimensions of love, perhaps you may opt to choose the form you prefer the most.

Fondness: Admiration, really liking, adoring, and appreciating.  This type of love is termed as storge as it is friendship-based love. A Storge lover wants a companion who shares her likes and dislikes and who can form a long relationship based on closeness, trust, security and affection.

Play: Creativity, pleasure, flirting, enjoying activities together, fun, and companionship. This is termed as ludus where love is a game. A Ludic lover wants to have fun, but doesn’t necessarily want a serious relationship.

Romantic: Special connection, loving, passion, tenderness, and affection. It is also categorized as Eros (inception stage), the kind that gives you butterflies in your stomach and a tingling in certain other places.

Sexual: Passion, desire, physical intimacy, eroticism, and chemistry.  It is also categorized as Eros (latter stage), the kind that has passed wanting and longing stages and has entered belonging state.

Soulful: Emotional intimacy, heart connection, sharing, spiritual connection, motivation, and inspiration. This is the highest type of love is termed as agape, or selfless unconditional love shortcomings of others. Agape is the love that is felt for that which we intuitively know as the divine truth: the love that accepts, forgives and believes for our greater good.

Trust: Reliance, support, belonging (family, friendship), unconditional regard, loyalty, patience and tolerance.

Togetherness: Working together, common goals, comradery, teamwork, partnership, and companionship. This one is termed as Pragma, a practical love. People who conceive of love this way are pragmatic when looking for a partner. They choose their mate based on rational decisions about whom they fit best with. In many societies this may be categorized as “arranged” system.

Altruistic: Selfless love, care and regard for your partner, wishing well, and benevolence. This type of love is termed banquet where love is expressed through making sacrifices for another person.

Self-love: Regard for one’s own well-being and happiness, not being self-absorbed, but true regards and cares for self.  This is termed as philautia is self-love in its healthiest form. You cannot share what you do not have. If you do not love yourself, you cannot love anyone else either. The only way to truly be happy is to find that unconditional love for yourself. Only once you learn to love and understand yourself, will you be ready to search for the spiritual freedom of the Self.

Master: Obsessive love that, while intimate and intense, often includes jealousy, possessiveness and a lack of communication. This type of love is termed as maniacal love which often leads to domestic violence. This form of is sort of self-love but it is the unhealthy vanity and self-obsession that is focused on personal fame, gain and fortune as is the case with narcissism.

Amazingly, love is uniquely many splendor things as humans have enhanced through it multi-dimensions.  But through the power of soulful love and self-love you can come to understand how amazing the human hearts really are. It is best to realize that your heart is the only things in the universe that grow larger the more it gives to others.

Love Enhances Relationship

Reaching Out Is A Start

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Sweet (Gur) Healthy For You, Really


It seems only yesterday that my grandmother would insist on eating gur (jaggery) before I went for exams.  Gur has distinct place in Indian culture and is used in many religious activities, rituals and customs.

Surprisingly, gur is stuffed with crucial supplements that make it wholesome nourishment. The scientific or technical definition of jaggery is an amorphous form of unrefined and non-distilled sugar prepared from the sap or the juice of plants that contains a considerable amount of sucrose or sugar. Jaggery is not widely known in western countries. Jaggery is predominantly made in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Jaggery is used in households as a sweetener and a flavoring agent.  It is also used extensively in the food and beverage industry. It is used in chocolates, candies, sorbets, health tonics (Chyavanprash) syrups, and for making alcoholic beverages, particularly rum.

Gur, unusual sweetener should be a part of your kitchen and life. Here are few reasons:

Boosts Immunity:  It is rich in minerals, salts, vitamins and even contains some fiber. Accessibility of minerals (like zinc) in ‘gur’ stops the free radicals and battles against toxins.

Better Than Sugar: It is complex than refined sugar and therefore does not increase the sugar level of the blood very quickly. It provides energy slowly, over a longer period. Although diabetics should avoid jaggery, it is still better in this respect for diabetics than sugar is.

Respiratory Tract Cleanser: For centuries on the Indian Subcontinent, jaggery (sugar cane jaggery) has been in use as a lung, throat, and respiratory tract cleanser as well as an additive to the local remedies for coughs and colds.

Blood Purifier: Gur acts as a blood purifier and leads to the elimination of toxins from your system.

Cure Bloating: Jaggery is consumed to treat intestinal flatulence and gas. You simply need a little piece of it after every meal and you will never experience bloating and gassy tummy again.

Treats Headache and Migraine: Jaggery contains iron, magnesium and potassium which reduce the force with which a headache might occur or the recurrence.

Get Rid of Hiccups: You simply need to grate it and add in some ginger. Have a spoon of the mixture and wash it down your throat with the help of some warm water.

Beautifies Your Hair: If you want to enhance the magnificence of your hair, make a blend of gur, Fuller’s Earth (multani mitti) and yogurt and apply generously..

Stops Cramps: Jaggery is a needed relief from the ill effects of extreme menstrual pain and premenstrual disorder. It calms you from the stomach torment as well as cures sudden mood changes that you experience just before periods.

Helps with Anemia: Gur is high in iron content which helps raise hemoglobin levels in your blood and production of red blood cells.

Improves Urinary Flow: Jaggery is one of the most powerful fixes to cure all urinary related issues. It demonstrates useful for the individuals who urinate less as well as for the individuals who experience the ill effects of excessive pee.

Weight Loss: As gur is rich in vitamins and minerals, it manages the digestive system and keeps up the electrolyte equalization. It also contains potassium which controls water retention.

Helps with Skin Issues: Gur can also help manage skin issues. Consuming ‘gur’ regularly fades away the skin inflammation and pimple spots from your face, giving you a blemish free and glowing skin.

Anti-Wrinkle Effect: Wrinkles can be treated with jaggery. You can add sesame seeds into your face pack and apply it at least once every week.

Healthy Happy

CrockPot Girls



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