Why Woman Becomes Unfaithful?

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Generally it is accepted that men are capable of being unfaithful with simple attraction to another person. However, when a woman is unfaithful her decision is not always made in the heat of moment. She has felt a slow breakdown in her relationship. The sense of ultimate breakdown leads to someone else’s arms.

A woman’s essence of being in a relationship is that she is not only being loved but she is special to her partner. Her partner has to assure her that she is the only one makes him happy. She is thrives when she feels special. Special for being who she really is as a person. But most of all she is in the eyes of the man she loves.

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Simple as a touch from her partner is all she may need. But in time, companionship is taken for granted. In the course of normal routine, not only there are no moments of intimacy but even simple touching each other is non-existent. Woman needs that touch of love on a regular basis. Through her partner’s touch(es) she feels she is desired. In an essence, being desired is the core need of a woman’s mojo.

Most men often hear from their woman that he is not listening to her. But what a woman is saying that her partner is not hearing her. She longs to be heard when she speaks. Yes, it is possible that in reality, her partner is listening to her but what is missing is that he is not empathizing with her. He fails to validate her experiences. Women feel connected when they are heard. Chances are high if she gets a man’s ears, he is likely to get her!

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It is often said that familiarity breeds contempt. As partners get used to each other, they are likely to harp of negative attributes. As stated earlier, woman thrives on being special to her partner, constant criticisms and put-downs create a void. She has lost her self-esteem. She longs to boost her self-esteem even if that means seeking someone else.

It is true that no relationship is perfect but it is also true that relationship needs to be tolerated. The pleasantness is essential. Pleasantness is brought through harmony.

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Harmony is brought through enhancing each other in a relationship. Mind you well, not too difficult. Enhancing comes through- touching, hearing, feeling, reaching out- each other.

Simply, you enhance each other by accepting and appreciating each other.

Life Is About You & Me

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5 Essentials To Live Life

Your Life- What Do You Want?

It may sound a simple question, but you will be surprised that many folks have no idea. Of course, there will be many responses to the question – travel to Hawaii, become CEO, win a lottery, etc. But as we are evolving and developing in tech-frenzied and timeless world, we humans stray from universal and timeless wants. If you think about wants they are so simple and yet elusive and impossible to attain.

What one really wants, you ask.

Here’s my take on what’s missing in life and work today. Interestingly, it is possible to attain these even in this tech-frenzied and timeless world of ours.

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There is no better place for freedom (relatively speaking, of course) in the world than the United States. But to be free does not mean you have freedom. Freedom requires you to stand up powerfully for what you want and believe in. By the way, that itself is not enough. You need to pursue what you want and believe with commitment.

Experiencing freedom is willing to be yourself. It starts with having authentic values and beliefs. This is crucial because there will be others to tell you (or force you) what is right for you. You will need to be bold and courageous because in life you will meet challenges and nay-sayers.

Experiencing freedom allows you to fail along the way without regrets but willing to learn from the failures. Yes, freedom is in experiencing success with blend of failures. Sounds easy, but many are scared to muster the courage.

Real freedom is being you, knowing you and respecting you.

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The basic of being you to have freedom means having confidence. Most people have skills and special talents but they are doubtful about their capabilities. It is not necessarily their fault. It is easy to lose self-confidence as we may experience situations that are hurtful and challenging. We are also surrounded by others who are either yelling or tearing us down.

Yes indeed, it is tough world out there. But you are the only one who knows your abilities. Most of all, you ought not to be afraid to fail because the failure will make you even better. It is belief in you that you are willing and ready, eventually to forge ahead to soar.

Think about it, if you can’t have confidence in you, how anyone else can have in confidence in you.

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It is amazing how you are likely to refer to your work when passion is mentioned. But it is your life that you need to be passionate about. Life is not merely existing for a paycheck or doing secure things day after day.

When you are passionate about your life, you will overcome feelings of ineptitude or negativity because of setbacks you may experience. Though it is not that you desire setbacks, but it is acknowledging that any setback is not the end of the world because you still have life ahead for which you have passion for.

It is the core belief that you are here for a purpose. The purpose you will define and/or develop only to be tuned and modified as you pursue your journey in life.

Simply put, living your life, as you define it, is ultimate passion.

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Once you have defined freedom, instilled confidence and realized you passion, you will understand your life priorities to have balance in your life. To attain balance in your life, you ought to know non-negotiables thus you will be living from that knowledge, and making the right decisions that align with your top life priorities.

It is to be noted that balance is NOT stability. Your life needs to have balance because events in occurring in life are likely to dent stability. Events such as loss of a job, death in family, domestic turbulence are likely to shake stability but it is you who needs to have balance.

Your balance comes from your spirit, your know-how, your abilities, enabling you to handle what comes your way.

Simply put, balance is there when you realize that NOTHING outside of you is secure or stable.

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Fulfillment is void of emptiness in life. Sounds profound, but it is not. In the age of constant wants and desires, you are likely feel unsatisfied. Fulfillment is possible when you are honoring your own potential, not forsaking yourself by putting everyone else in front of you. Fulfillment comes when you take bold actions that say “yes” to the future vision of you despite temporary setbacks.

Fulfillment is possible when you are able to effectively separate who you are from what you do. You need to look at your life as a whole and emphasize overall happiness. It is essential to understand that happiness is from within. Most people are in search for happiness outside themselves- in a job, a partner, a family. Yes, some of the exterior situations lead to happiness but your happiness need not be tied to external events or folks.

Simply put, you have attained fulfillment you are not “running on empty”.

Living Life Your Way

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Donald Trump Can Make Sex Great Again

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It seems lately that everything can be attributed to Donald Trump. Then it is plausible that solution to making sex great again may be dependent on Trump.

According to recent study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, people in the USA are having less sex today than they did generations ago. Your sex life is not what it once was. It is suggested that perhaps the economy of the country may be the cause.  (Also check out How Donald Trump Can Make You A Winner)

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The major concern is that married couples – especially with kids at home – are working longer hours and facing more intense financial pressures that may put a damper on their sex lives. The gap is widening between rich and poor and the middle class is practically non-existent. More people have to spend more time working. To stay afloat, people have to take two or three jobs to meet financial obligations, thus leaving no time or energy for sex.

According to the report, Married people typically had sex 73 times a year in 1990, researchers report in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. But by 2014 married couples were having sex just 55 times a year, trailing single people who had sex 59 times a year. To examine shifts in national sex habits, researchers looked at survey data collected from 1972 to 2014 on a nationally representative sample of 56,859 adults.

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In fairness, financial situation may be a major factor, but there is another factor that may be attributing to lack of romantic interlude. The external entertainment is more entertaining and more on-demand entertaining is available. That is to say, there are a lot more things to do at 10 pm at home than there used to be. It is all thanks to smartphones premiering in 2007, Netflix streaming video in 2007 and YouTube in 2006.

In essence, if America is going to be winner again thanks to anticipated economic boom, people can have time for in-demand sex. Perhaps, then we will have lot to thank Donald Trump for.

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When Men Are Free Women Are Free

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Ironic indeed that in 1990’s woman who hailed Madonna as “the future of feminism”, in her essays argue that for women to be free, men must be free too.  The woman is none other than Camille Paglia whose essays are published in a new book, Free Women, Free Men: Sex, Gender, and Feminism, collecting her greatest hits about gender, sex, and feminism from 1990 to 2016.

The book highlights the strength of southern women in the country, an ode to the Real Housewives, and multiple essays about diminishing free speech on college campuses. Paglia stresses how the mainstream feminist movement has revolved around educated white women and forgotten working class women-and men, like the sanitation workers whom she believes do not receive enough credit for their dangerous work.

Strange as it may be, Camille Paglia understood the country long before Donald Trump.  Ms. Paglia was discussing topics that elected Donald Trump at the helm- liberals forgetting white working class Americans in the Midwest and South, the failures of contemporary feminism, and free speech on college campus.

Be Ageless Forever

Earlier women were determined to show that they could achieve at the same level as men. The bold new women of that period did not insult or denigrate men. They admired what men had done and simply demanded the opportunity to show that women could match or surpass it.  Whereas today’s feminism has made male-bashing became its default mode from the start. Today’s women movement attracts fanatics or borderline personalities- mostly they are damaged women with bitter gripes against men.

In her book, Free Women, Free Men, Paglia is emphasizing that women can never be truly free until they let men too be free-which means that men have every right to determine their own identities, interests, and passions without intrusive surveillance and censorship by women with their own political agenda.

Paglia points out that construction workers and other working class men’s work have gone unnoticed. She is outraged to see how so many pampered, affluent, upper-middle-class professional women bash men with snide anti-male feminist rhetoric, while they remain completely ignoring the constant labor and sacrifices going on all around them as working-class men create and maintain the fabulous infrastructure that makes modern life possible in the Western world. Why is that only a tiny number of women want to enter the trades where most of the nitty-gritty physical work is actually going on-plumbing, electricity, construction. Women have played virtually no role in the erection of those magnificent towers in every major city in the world.

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Her admiration for country women is evident in her book.  She states that country women of the agrarian era were physically and mentally stronger than today’s high-profile, feminism-spouting women careerists, doing their Pilates and spinning routines at the pricey gym. Country women had big voices and big attitudes.

She claims that today’s feminism is not women’s movement but “it’s neurosis and hysteria”.  According to Paglia, the great irony is that too many of today’s privileged white middle-class girls at elite schools can’t seem to express themselves forcefully enough even to manage their own dating lives. They have to run to parental proxies on campus grievance committees to intervene for them.

Interestingly, she may have given a clue to handle current misdirected feminism, “I have learned an enormous amount from watching football since childhood and have usefully applied those lessons in my war against the feminist and academic establishment. I block and tackle with pleasure and love in particular to run ‘misdirection’ plays on feminist leaders.”

Be Ageless Forever 

Though she expresses contempt for what she sees as feminism’s negative rhetoric regarding motherhood and homemaking but then calls procreation “nature’s fascist scheme” against women. Her critics say that her book is indicative of being an aged rebel, as she believes that conservatism is the new counter-culture, and that rebelling now means standing up for the landlord, the corporate bureaucrat, and the established artistic canon.

Free Women, Free Men is a strange succession of essays about gender, sex, and politics that reveals an individual who is rebellious and yet conservative enough to understand freedom is good only if we are free- men and women.  Her book is a reflection that freedom is the ultimate value.

As The World Turns

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Don’t Be Victim of Financial Cheating

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Many changes on social and financial fronts have been occurring over few decade, yet when it comes to relationship, importance is only highlighted in physical and emotional cheating.  There is new frontier emerging in a relationship- less talked about and harder to spot- financial infidelity.  In essence, your partner is financially unfaithful- hiding purchases, hiding bank account, hiding cash, having credit card(s) which you know nothing about. (See Is Emotional Cheating Worse Than Physical Cheating?)

Impact of physical and emotional cheating can have lasting impact but can be overcome.  You have option of getting over and improvise for better tomorrows that lie ahead.  But financial cheating can have bearing on your financial aspect of your life which is likely to linger for a long term.  It could ruin your credit thus potentially harmful to get loans or a new job in the future.  Your financial security may   totally disappear.

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According to recent survey in Smart Money, the number of people who are financially unfaithful is on the rise. Among those couples who have ever combined finances, two in five (42 percent) have committed some sort of financial deception.  Among those who have committed financial deception, and/or whose partner did, 75 percent said the financial deceptions affected their current or past relationships, with over a quarter (28 percent) saying it caused less trust in the relationship.  About 32 percent of the survey recipients preferred some aspects of their finances remained private from their partner.

Ironically, money is number one stress factor and yet financial infidelity usually goes unnoticed. Eventually the unassuming partner finds out a bank statement, a questionable purchase, or the like.

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In a two-income family, it is likely that one (or both) partner want to use the money without being questioned. Not only does partner(s) set money aside secretly, but often they hide the fact the money exists at all. It may seem harmless at the inception of the relationship.  But it is a sign of financial infidelity- it’s the secrecy that really harms the relationship.
Most people do not consider financial state important part of their relationship.  The good foundation of relationship is possible if both partners establish financial boundaries and expectations.

Be Ageless Forever

Being open and honest about your finances doesn’t mean you have to pool every penny earned, or consult each other on every purchase made, though.  There are many ways couple can maintain financial harmony.  When it comes to money, people tend to be territorial. In the long run, it is never a good idea to comingle funds.  In a practical world, the financial existence of one partner need not be dependent on another because one never knows what can happen in the future.

Simply, to retain harmony and independence it is best to each one has separate account and one joint account for family related expenses.  It is recognizing that both partners are dependent on one another and yet independent on their own.  It is a concept not fully utilized- Intra-dependent.

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Is emotional cheating worse than physical cheating?

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It depends on who you ask. Men will likely to provide different answer than women. From a practical point of view the answer is simple. Cheating is cheating. Then nothing is simple in life.

For men physical cheating is more painful than emotional cheating because men relate to everything in a physical way first. Men can envision it- partner seeking comfort or escape in the arms of another. Men can’t grasp emotional cheating since men relate to everything to physical possessions.

For women, sexual indiscretion is not significant because in their mind when their partner has an emotional affair, the partner has already given up in their relationship. Women tend to equate the emotional bonding to love for each other. For women, forgiving and forgetting isn’t an option when their partner has emotionally cheated. Women’s perception is that when partner doesn’t want to be forgiven — they want out.

Be Ageless Forever

There is no question that emotional bonding may not begin with only satisfying physical gratification. It means you and your partner are at loss when you are not together. You long for your partner’s arrival or presence. It may have begun as friendship which gradually leads affairs of heart- which aren’t always physical but deep emotional bonding.

How you detect emotional bonding, you ask.

It is fair to say, that most friendship is likely to begin at your job or places you frequently visit- such as health club or bar. You are spending time with the friend too often. When you are not with your partner, you can’t wait until the next time you see each other. You can’t contain your inner inklings for your friend. You are pondering how it is to spend time with your friend. When something great happens in your life, you would prefer to share with the friend than your partner. When you are hiding your friendship from your partner then it is very likely an indication of your emotional involvement with your friend. Eventually, you will be ranting about your partner to the friend which can create an opening for emotional infidelity. What is even worse is that if you’re wondering if you’re having an emotional affair, you’ve probably already crossed the line.

Be Ageless Forever

Having feelings for another person does not make you a bad person. Sometimes, you can’t control your feelings, but you CAN control your actions. It is possible that you may wonder how your friend will feel if you opt to end the encounter. It does not matter because you need to ensure your partner is not affected by you.

In summary, men equate love to physical possession whereas women equate love to emotional possession. In the long run, emotional scars are likely to stay with you and affect your emotional state. Indeed, not pleasant nor worth it.

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How Donald Trump Can Make You A Winner?

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Some of you may have hard time accepting Donald Trump as the President of the United States. Nobody- even his supporters- saw it coming. Anxieties are high and turbulent atmosphere is likely to linger. It does not matter whether you supported him or not, there is one truth to his claim- the Americans will be winners so much so, they will be tired of winning.

The socialists and liberals focus on dreamers. There is a problem with dreaming. No one has become rich with dreams alone. The pursuit of happiness- the essence of America- is only possible for those who are willing to work at it. President Donald Trump is your key to pursuit of happiness. Like him or not he has unleashed tsunami of energy within his supporters and within his haters.

As a business person, you need to see how you can capitalize on him being at the helm whether you personally supported him or not. To understand how is that possible, you need to realize (keeping your personal feelings aside) that he is capable of generating storm unexpectedly. This means opening of many entrepreneurial opportunities that are likely to generate revenues.

Be Ageless Forever

There are some jobs and professions that will likely benefit from his presidency. As Trump brings about a lot of uncertainty, and that breeds certain demands which truly creates jobs and opportunities. If you take advantage of what is out there, you’re likely to be a winner no matter what happens.

Here are few opportunities that are likely to help you prosper if you are a freelancer or online entrepreneur.


Thanks to opinionated journalists, there is wide opening for writers who are independent. There are dire needs for independent journalists- real journalists who will probe into depth of issues. The regular media is no longer playing the role of watchdog when it comes to the government or major issues that are important locally or nationally. Your blog (website) can play a major role especially if you are able to address the issues that are significant enough to warrant attention. Be sure to note that you are generating enough interest to your blog to increase blog’s exposure to generate revenue. Do not generate unnecessary hatred. In addition, you could also write for other blogs, newspapers, etc.

Be Ageless Forever

Social Media Specialists

As media is distrusted by majority of Americans, social media has become incredibly important. Even President Trump goes around the media by expressing his tantrums via Twitter. Millions of people are using platforms like Facebook, Snapchat as their primary news or knowledge source. That means, many companies need social media specialists (consultants) as their champions in the new information age. Make no mistake, skills related to social media are likely to increase in demand.

Get Paid Social Media Jobs Information Here

Bankers, Financiers and Real Estate Agents

It is anticipated that Trump era is going to be a big boom for finance and real estate sector. If you are in these areas as an employee or independent contractors you will boost your earnings. With the age of online exposure, you are likely to market services all over the state (nation). In less than 2 weeks you can get a real estate agent’s license. A real estate agent is able to make as much as $6000 for sale of 1 house (valued at $200,000).

Security Specialists

Based on recent news, foreign cyber-attacks and domestic intelligence spying are occurring on wide scale. It is clear that there is need for cyber security for businesses as well as individuals. The cyber security professionals- as an employees or independent contractors- will be in high demand in coming years. Interestingly, you need not have any degrees or college education. All you need is to familiarize with security software that are available and become an expert. You can offer your services to companies as an independent contractors or individuals.

Be Ageless Forever

Freelancing for Non-profit Companies

Biggest beneficiaries of President Trump’s win are non-profit organizations as a whole lot of people donating enormous amount of money. With more resources, these organizations can hire or outsource the tasks to more people. Among the biggest recipients of post-election windfalls were the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and the Anti-Defamation League.

Bartenders & Servers

Reportedly, the biggest gain is experienced by establishments servicing drinks as many disgruntled Trump haters are turning to the bottle in large numbers. There is increase in demand for bartenders. Reportedly, part-time bartenders can fetch as much as $300 to $500 a night!

Energy/Environmental Specialists

President Trump champions natural gas, oil and coal production, jobs in these sectors will see substantial gains. But in other areas of energy sector is likely to see decline in jobs. President Trump is also rolling back environmental regulations. That means people who study and understand the energy and environment will be needed to translate what’s happening – and they’ll need to emphasize impact of the Trump’s policies. Many of non-profit organizations will be looking for consultants in these areas.


It is no question that some Trump haters are big on escaping a reality. The positive benefit of that is it inspires creativity. From theater to movies, to stand-up comedy and punk rock, we’re probably in for some excellent stuff in coming years. Just look at how much money Hamilton is bringing in after the cast’s run-in with Mike Pence.

Be Ageless Forever

One need not be entertainment artist, there are opportunities for graphic artists. Have you seen the rise in protests all over the country? In the short amount of time that Trump’s been in office, protests have erupted from coast to coast. You bet, there are more protests to come. There will be need to design and create protest signs, tee shirts, banners, etc. If you’re a graphic artist or aspire to be one, now is your time to shine.

Who would have thought of Donald Trump as the President? Now he is. Like him, love him, or dislike him or hate him-that is your choice. But never forget, he is also the best source for you to be a winner. To be a winner, you have to make money. And yes, there’s some money to be made with Donald Trump at helm.

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Have Sex To Love Your Job, Really

Lily is upset that her husband, Jon, is so stressed at his job that he has become impossible. She doesn’t know what to do. She is helpless as she has left her job to care of 1-year old son.  Now she will know what to do.  Her solution is simple- just have more sex with Jon.  Realistically speaking, Jon’s problem may not be his work, but he is not having enough sex with Lily.

According to a study published in the Journal of Management, workers who have active, healthy sex lives like their jobs and more productive at work.  The researchers found that those who had more sex at home reported more positive moods the following day.  Furthermore, the elevated mood levels of the participants were linked to more engagement with their work and higher job satisfaction throughout the entire workday.

Lasting Love Forever

The positive effects of having romantic encounter seemed to last for 24 hours – and the researchers noticed that the effects were “equally strong” for men and women. The benefits of sex likely stems from the fact that sex triggers the release of dopamine and oxytocin, which makes it a “natural and relatively automatic” mood elevator, the study noted.

Some companies already recognize this. In Sweden, one town council has suggested municipal workers be given an hour off every week specifically to have sex.  It provides time away from constant work contact – the time spent having sex is also – it is assumed – time not spent checking emails or being on a screen.  This lowers work-related stress.

Lasting Love Forever

According to the study, the feel-good factor from sex lasts for approximately 24 hours.
Interestingly, the study proves that sex has social, emotional, and physiological benefits, and it’s important to make it a priority.  So if you ever say that you do not have time for sex, you may just have to make time for it.

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Enviralizer Review –Marketing Tools and Money Maker

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No matter how much money you are currently making it is never enough.  Somehow, there are more bills than what your paycheck can cover.  This is dominant phenomena for most wage earners. Thanks to online business opportunities, now you can bring in additional revenues without modifying current lifestyle.

You need to realize that your additional cash flow is as close to you as your computer!  The Internet is full of all kinds of great residual income opportunities which can help really boost your yearly earnings and give you the money you need to make a difference in your life.

If you are newbie, you need to learn and earn simultaneously.  If you have some experience, then you can help by showing newbies how they can learn and earn.  It is mutually rewarding only if you are able to help newbie to start earning and you add another income stream to your business portfolio.

Join Enviralizer & Start Earning

There are so many opportunities emerge daily thus making difficult for newbies to choose the opportunities that work.  Enviralizer is great starter opportunity as it enables the members to learn and earn. As a member you get an access to powerful marketing tools that will help you build your online business.  That is the learning part.  By promoting Enviralizer to other newbies, you will earn and they will benefit by learning to do business just as you. That is earning segment of Enviralizer.

Your question will be, “how much does it cost?” Right!

If you want to be a business person, that is not the question to ask.  The question ought to be, “what do you get out of it and how much you will make?”

With Enviralizer you have access to marketing tools that can help you build an online business (how to use Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and WordPress…). That itself is worth more than the cost of the membership.  There is no guarantee with any business how much you will make.  In that sense Enviralizer is no exception.  However, with each member you bring in you get $20. You can bring in unlimited members.

Join Enviralizer & Start Earning

So, now let me get to your original question.  The cost is ONE TIME $25.  But check out the value of the system.  You will learn how to make money.  Then you will be rewarded to help others to make money.  What makes this as a great opportunity is that this is a great starter program.  When you help others to get into other money making opportunities, most of them are likely to follow you.

You access to a Social Media and Internet Marketing Training Library of digital products.  These products help you to improve your skills in online marketing and related activities.

The products are:

  • Facebook Marketing Suite: Methods to post on Facebook and make more sales and more signups to your offers.
  • Video Training Course: Methods to get more likes, views and comments. Plus a list of popular video sites to boost your rankings … you also learn how to get paid to share videos.
  • WordPress Hero: This is a video training series consisting of 11 easy to follow, step-by-step video tutorials that will show you how you can get started using WordPress.
  • Copywriting 101: You will learn how to write, by adjusting the way you mold words into the hearts and minds of people.
  • Twitter Marketing Secrets: You will learn marketing secrets to help you gain your reputation, build bonded relationships, and attract massive traffic to your website.
  • Skype:  You will learn to utilize the power of Skype Marketing as a way to establish yourself as an authority figure where you let your clients help you to recruit new clients for your business.

Join Enviralizer & Start Earning

It must be understood that Enviralizer is not designed to be your prime online biz opportunity.  It is great feeder program- stepping stone to build your business portfolio.

Here are the highlights:

  • In order to qualify to earn, your first member is passed on to sponsor.
  • Then you get $20 for each referral.
  • Your earning potential is enhanced as each one of your referrals first referral is passed on to you.

Overall, Enviralizer is a good feeder program.  It provides a quick shortcut to learning a few online marketing strategies that has proven to work for the founders and creators of the training platform.  The cost is reasonable and it provides knowledge that is worth more than ten-fold.


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Secrets To Long Lasting Relationship

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If you want to be in love and remain in relationship, do not rely on experts.  It is best to stick with scientifically backed concepts.

It could be as simple as being in warm place.  According to Yale psychologist, John Bargh, there is connection between body temperature and personality.  When you feel warm physically, you behave warmly toward your partner.  So whenever you get a chance, seek out warm places and foods so makes it lot easier to heat things up later on.

Interestingly, if you are good listener, your relationship is likely to last.  It is because chances are your partner has need to be heard.  Listening is actually the key element that is critical in all stages of a relationship- from beginning and thereafter.

Be Ageless Forever

Do you remember when you first met your partner, you were full of smile.  As time goes on, your smile(s) takes a back seat.  The attractiveness of person is ensured if your partner sees you smile when you see them.  Smile is an indication of intensity you have for your partner.

Have you heard of the expression, “familiarity breeds contempt”?

In a relationship, familiarity may not reach “contempt” stage, but surely it reaches “taking for granted” stage.  So it is important to let your partner know how you appreciate them.  Saying simple “thank you” can be very meaningful.  The feeling of gratefulness for each other is an essence of good relationship.

In a relationship kiss need not be “kiss of death” but “kiss of passion”.  Kisses and touches become forgotten routine in a relationship.  But kisses and touches are surely indication of the yearning for each other for that passionate encounter.  The exchanged message is simple and yet powerful- you want and you are wanted.

Be Ageless Forever

As a relationship continues, the words “I love you” are repeated often.  But what is lost that it has no longer significance attached to those words.  Simply put, the emotional connection is missing.  According to Illinois State University Professor, Sandra Metts’ study, saying “I love you” before having sex has a positive impact on the trajectory of the relationship.

One of the major factors in relationship going off tangent is having expectations from your partner.  You expecting your partner to love you always and keep you happy always.  Your happiness can only be enhanced by your partner, but you can’t expect your partner to keep you happy if you are not happy person yourself.

Be Ageless Forever

In essence, draw upon your own inner-resources to offer love, and attention to yourself when you need it. Then you can let love come to you instead of putting expectations on what it needs to look like.

Relationship Means You & Me

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