If You Can Click, You Can Earn


I am sure you know that there are many ways to earn on line.  The recent surge is experienced by paid to click (PTC) websites.  Many of these sites do not require any membership fee and you can enhance your earnings level by investing money from your earnings.

What is PTC?

PTC (Paid To Click) are websites that pays its members for ads they click and view for a given period of time. Simply put, you are paid to click ads and view it for say 3, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 seconds before you are paid between $0.0001 to $0.01 depending on the type of ads you click on and the PTC site.  It is also possible to earn as much as $1 to $200 per click for some ads.

You can Earn While Watching Television.

How Do PTCs Make Money

In order to pay money, the PTC websites have to make money.  The PTC websites act as a broker between the advertisers and consumers.  Their earnings are made from:

*** Advertisements
*** Sales of referrals
*** Upgrade fees
*** Referral Recycling
*** Referral Renewals
*** Penalties

How Do Advertisers Benefit From The PTC Sites

Basically, the advertisers benefit from PTC websites in following manner:

*** Gain patronage from some advert viewers
*** Able to reach millions of audience at a cheaper rates
*** Website Alexa ranking is increased due to increased traffic on their website
*** Promote their brand with increased exposure (which is good for business exposure)

How Do I Make Money On PTC Sites

The obvious question that you may have is “how do I make money on PTC sites?”.  There are lots of ways you can make money on PTC sites, it however varies from one PTC site to another, some of the ways you can make money from PTC sites includes;

*** Earn by clicking and viewing ads.
*** Commission from referrals clicking
*** Commission from referrals upgrade or purchases.
*** Complete Mini Jobs, Tasks & Offers
*** Watch Videos
*** Complete surveys, Play Games and other stuff

You can Earn While Watching Television.

As you can see, PTC websites are legitimate businesses where you can earn a living if you are patient, persistent.  In addition, you need to develop a good and winning strategy to be earning good money every day by just spending few minutes viewing ads every day.

There have been exponential sums of money  being made by PTC websites.  Some of the sites are scam sites which encourage people to join, upgrade and after sometime, they go down the drain with member's money in their pocket.

On the other hand, there are some members (scam artists) who use bots, auto clicks and other illegal means to cheat the PTC sites, which if not managed well can also force the PTC sites to close down.

It is important that to note that you can make money- that is you will be paid to click ads.  Importantly, you need to join the PTC sites that are trustworthy and have verifiable track record.

Like any other business ventures, you will need to develop your own strategies to earn more in less time.  If you are looking for something to supplement your regular salary, PTC can earn you while you watch television.

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