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Adding Sex To Honey-To-Do List


Have you ever thought of adding “intimate activity (sex)” to you honey-to-do list? It may not be bad idea if you want relationship to intensify. It is not a weird suggestion.

Don’t you schedule appointments with dentists, massage therapists and hair stylists? Don’t you schedule an appointment with you physician? Then why not schedule sex with your significant other? Experts suggest that doing so could save your relationship.

If you look back into beginning of your relationship, you dedicated certain time to your partner which was termed as “dating”. You shared moments together. You shared activities together. In short, it was time for bonding just with each other. Nothing says that it has to stop.

Realistically your life is scheduled around the clock so there is “no time” left for exclusiveness with your partner. Setting aside time for sex is one way of making sure that romance is still part of the relationship. The scheduled time will eventually add significance and you will be looking forward to those moments.

Don’t Be Sex Starved

Looking at practically, you will note that by scheduling time for intimacy there is no concern for being “in mood”. By keeping a schedule, partners will learn to respect and value the time for physical intimacy. It gives both the chance to get in the mood, get back in the saddle and offer support and motivation for each other. Ultimately, shared scheduled moments lead to mutual joy ultimately eliminating rejection and resentments.

Many marriage and family therapists recommend scheduling one-on-one intimate times on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just different from the routine. It can be as simple as going for a stroll in the park; cooking a meal at home or just having sex. Doesn’t matter, as long as you’re together out of deliberate choice, not just mere convenience of sharing a space.

Don’t Be Sex Starved

In scheduling moments, you must ensure that the schedules are not rigid and mutually agreed upon so that each one is looking forward to the time. The scheduled time need to build up the anticipation and excitement. It is also possible that you (or your partner) can come up with creative ideas to make sexy times unforgettable.

Don’t Be Sex Starved

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