Make Money Walking Humans


Strange as it may sound, walking humans can earn you money. Simple walking can lead to dramatic change in people’s life and even lead to healthier life.

An aspiring actor from Los Angeles, Chuck McCarthy, didn’t want to become a dog walker to make ends meet as he did not want to deal with picking up dog poops.

So he thought of walking people instead, with no leashes and no poops involved. The idea was entirely new and unique. Most people know that they need to walk (few miles a day) but they lack motivation to get off the couch. Perhaps, they need a walking buddy for company or safety. Many folks do not like to listen to music or walk alone in silence.

McCarthy’s idea of being a human walker started with the “People Walker” Facebook page and putting up some fliers. He began charging $7 a mile. His approach was light-hearted. He was engaged in a dialogue with his clients as he walked but he listened more than talk. The human walker idea turned out to be a grand success. Now he has hired few employees to help walk people.

McCarthy insists that paying to be walked does not mean people are friendless. It just means they cannot always coordinate leisure time with friends. As society is so engaged in constantly communicating via phone and computers, human interaction is lagging. His human walking provides that needed human interaction.

Not only his human walking venture turned out to be a success, but he even lost weight from all the work.

(Picture Credit: Chuck McCarthy walks with the Guardian’s Rory Carroll Photograph: Noah Smith for the Guardian)

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