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Tap Water Sold As Healthy “Bottle” Water, Really!


At the onset it must be admitted greatest American marketing scheme is bottled water. Often the claim is made that bottled water is “pure” water as it is from natural spring water resources. The irony is that even tap water is from “natural” spring water resources. So what is the truth?

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Bottled water comes in two varieties. There's purified water, which is water from local sources (a.k.a. tap water) that has been filtered, and there's natural spring water, which is sourced from springs across the United States. About 55 percent of bottled water in the United States is spring water, including Crystal Geyser and Arrowhead. The other 45 percent comes from the municipal water supply, meaning that companies, including Aquafina and Dasani, simply treat tap water—the same stuff that comes out of your faucet at home—and bottle it up.

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The label on your bottled water may depict a peaceful mountain stream, but that doesn't mean the water inside is pure and pristine. Some companies filter or radiate the tap water with ultraviolet light before selling it to you at several thousand times the cost of municipal tap water.

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Bottled water is healthy, really? Many studies show that bottled water samples can contain phthalates, mold, microbes, benzene, trihalomethanes, even arsenic. And only recently did the FDA start regulating bottled water for E. Coli.

Simply put, some bottled water is glorified tap water at 10,000 times the cost.

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