Rely On Job for Paycheck Not Your Financial Freedom


Toughest puzzle for you may be having is creating work-life balance and financial independence.

You work 40 hours a week. Get vacation as allocated by the employer. Depending on your financial situation, you may not have money to take vacation. For some of you, you are so bogged down at work that you work through your vacation time in the hopes of better times ahead. But better times rarely come.

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For many with family constraints may require them to spend more time at home and thus sacrifice career growth. For those opt for career growth, they have to sacrifice family life hoping that family will accept that. Of course, many folks try to maintain a balance between home & office.

You need to modify how you view your job. You get a salary to do 40 hours of work per week. You must come on time at 9 am and work efficiently to plan & finish it by 6 pm. You must try to do your job in the best possible way. But you must not sign up for more work than what you can deliver. You must recognize and accept that 9-6 work will only help you “earn” your salary.

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The key thing to note is that you do not need to choose between work and family life. The main reason you get into such a bind is need of additional revenue during the course of daily routine. The solution, though not easy, is to have alternate resources of revenue.

If you really want a good growth for you and your family, then you need to spend some more time building your own business. Dedicate extra time (such as 6-9 pm) to start, establish and expand your own business. Interestingly, you are able to get into business venture(s) without sacrificing any family life thanks to online opportunities.

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Simply put, you need to work 9 to 6 for salary and work 6 to 9 for building yourself.


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