Why Woman Becomes Unfaithful?

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Generally it is accepted that men are capable of being unfaithful with simple attraction to another person. However, when a woman is unfaithful her decision is not always made in the heat of moment. She has felt a slow breakdown in her relationship. The sense of ultimate breakdown leads to someone else’s arms.

A woman’s essence of being in a relationship is that she is not only being loved but she is special to her partner. Her partner has to assure her that she is the only one makes him happy. She is thrives when she feels special. Special for being who she really is as a person. But most of all she is in the eyes of the man she loves.

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Simple as a touch from her partner is all she may need. But in time, companionship is taken for granted. In the course of normal routine, not only there are no moments of intimacy but even simple touching each other is non-existent. Woman needs that touch of love on a regular basis. Through her partner’s touch(es) she feels she is desired. In an essence, being desired is the core need of a woman’s mojo.

Most men often hear from their woman that he is not listening to her. But what a woman is saying that her partner is not hearing her. She longs to be heard when she speaks. Yes, it is possible that in reality, her partner is listening to her but what is missing is that he is not empathizing with her. He fails to validate her experiences. Women feel connected when they are heard. Chances are high if she gets a man’s ears, he is likely to get her!

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It is often said that familiarity breeds contempt. As partners get used to each other, they are likely to harp of negative attributes. As stated earlier, woman thrives on being special to her partner, constant criticisms and put-downs create a void. She has lost her self-esteem. She longs to boost her self-esteem even if that means seeking someone else.

It is true that no relationship is perfect but it is also true that relationship needs to be tolerated. The pleasantness is essential. Pleasantness is brought through harmony.

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Harmony is brought through enhancing each other in a relationship. Mind you well, not too difficult. Enhancing comes through- touching, hearing, feeling, reaching out- each other.

Simply, you enhance each other by accepting and appreciating each other.

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