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When it comes to food, United States has fared well in assimilating foods from all over the world.  Go in any town, you will find ethnic restaurants.  Interestingly, tasty with blend of spices and spicy with chilies are part of the menus of nearly every type of restaurants in the country.  The Americans are craving for spicy and hot foods.  It is not just a fad anymore, but realization that spicy and hot food may be good for health.

The next time you reach for more hot wings even though you are sweating, mouth is on fire, and gut busting is the last notch on your belt to its breaking point, go for it. It's all for your (long-term) health!

The Beta Switch For Fat Loss

A new study from the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont found regularly consuming red hot chili peppers (the food, not these guys) could lead to a “13 percent reduction in total mortality.” In layman's terms, this means the spicy peppers will help you live longer.

Most importantly, spices boosts metabolism.  Did you know that a dash of cayenne does the trick?  The key ingredient is capsaicin.  According to a small 2013 study sponsored by McCormick, subjects experienced a boost in metabolism when a dose of capsaicin was added to their meals.

The Beta Switch For Fat Loss

It needs to be noted that though spicy foods may aid your ability to lose weight, it's not an excuse to eat more. The effect seems to be temporary, so you would have to constantly be eating chilies in order to maintain that level of burn. A 2012 review showed larger doses of capsaicin give you the most benefit but cautiousness needs to be exercised.

A 1999 Canadian study found men who consumed spicy chilies as part of an appetizer ate fewer calories in the following meal as well as later in the day. An entire jalapeño only contains 4 calories, so you can add plenty to your meals.  Most folks struggle to stay on diel because they always feel hungry.  Spicy food tastes good and is less calorie-dense.

The Beta Switch For Fat Loss

If you like to maintain healthy heart, adding blend of spice (hot chilies) in your food on a regular basis will help.  Researchers presented a study at an American Chemical Society meeting in 2012 that indicated based on study on animals that adding capsaicin to your diet can protect your heart by lowering cholesterol as well as preventing arteries from contracting. Another study from 2014 found similar results.

Did you know that your sinus congestion may be relieved by hot spicy food?  Eating a fiery curry or pot of chili often makes people start to sniff. That runny nose is actually a clue to what's going on inside your body. Livestrong explains consuming spicy foods can help clear clogged nasal passages and ease the effects of congestion. A 2011 study from the University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine showed nasal sprays containing capsaicin can drastically improve certain types of sinus problems.

It is no secret that Indian and Chinese cultures have long looked to various plants for medicinal purposes. Everything from garlic to ginger has been used to cure some sort of ailment. According to Healthline the capsaicin in spicy chilies can help battle inflammation, which is responsible for the uncomfortable swelling many associate with arthritis. And according to Today, it can be just as beneficial for people with other autoimmune diseases or asthma.

The Beta Switch For Fat Loss

Would you like to look and stay younger? Well spicy food may be a fountain of youth.  Research published in PLOS ONE found folks who regularly consume fiery foods experience a reduced risk of death. So, load your food with all the hot sauce you want because you may live longer for it.


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