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Get Paid To Watch Movies

Yes indeed, you can earn extra money by watching movies.  If you are serious, you can make extra cash by having fun while watching movies.

There are some entities that will pay you to watch movie previews, celebrity videos, the latest news and dozens of other videos?  In addition, some will pay a bonus $5 just for signing up.

You need to watch entire shows in a specific playlist to earn your bucks, so be prepared. The paying sources will let you know how long the playlist runs before you start watching, and playlists range from a few minutes to about a half hour.

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The availability is subject to change, but you are able to sign up various companies to earn hefty amount per month watching these videos!

Theaters and movie studios want to collect data about the audience that attends their movie premieres. They want to know how many people buy tickets on opening day, which screening time is most popular and which previews are being shown. And they want independent data from third party evaluators – that's where you come in.

Movie premiere secret shopping is called an “in-theater check.” To apply, you'll need to fill out an application with various organizations.  The application is just a few questions long, and nearly everyone in the U.S. and Canada is eligible.

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Once you're accepted as an auditor, keep an eye out for email alerts for new assignments in your area. You can accept or decline any assignments – so if a movie's not even worth watching for the amount you get paid, you don't have to see it!

Surely, you will not have huge paydays, but you'll get a free movie and earn about $10 to $20 an hour for your time and you will be entertained.

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Niches To Earn Money Big Time

america's best selling credit repair

If you are in online business (or thinking seriously about it), it is important to know what niche is likely to generate income. Getting targeted traffic to a low-end offer is just as difficult as getting targeted traffic to a high-end offer.  So, why not go after the most profitable affiliate niches that pay high commission.


Many people contemplate breaking away from the 9-5, spending more time with their family and dream of a more passive income.  E commerce can eventually be a passive income after you set it up.  By directing your audience to their eCommerce solutions, some places pay up to $150 per referral.

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Credit Repair/Debt Settlement

Over 80 per cent people have issues in their credit report. Many have old or erroneous information that results in their poor credit scores. In some cases, they have too many debts. So, people need help in getting their credit in order. So, there are services that offer to help people in repairing credit and or consolidating debts into a single payment that is easier to manage.

Home Security

The strongest emotion is fear. The fear of being robbed or family being attacked is dominant factor for those want to feel safe at their home. Over $42 billion is spent each year to buy guns. But most resort to home security to keep their home safe. Over the years home security has become massive industry.

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Once drones may have been used for dropping bombs in a war.  Not any more. Now drones are used to deliver mail or packages. Some food outlets are using to deliver food to their customers. Some are using it to pursue their hobbies such as photography. The use of drones will be on the rise as laws are in place for operation in normal day to day life in the civilian world. Lucrative opportunities with high end profits.

Private Spying

Often termed as a private detective, in current state of the world it has turned into spying. As relationship goes sour, one party is anxious to check out who their partners are cheating with. Jealousy knows no limits when it comes to nabbing their partner. But now it has gone further. Special interest groups want to spy on companies, CEOs, landlords, etc. The list is endless. In many instances, no special licensing is required, and most people are willing to high price.

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Luxury Travel

More and more people are travelling whether it be for work or pleasure. Some folks spend millions of dollars each year on having special occasion bash- wedding, birthday, graduation, bachelor party, etc. But people are getting fed up with waiting in line at airports etc.  The solution is people hire a complete aircraft. Special niche that is likely to pay hefty commissions.

It is no secret that baby boomer generation is getting older and they have accumulated wealth. But as they get older, there are special health issues arise. Helping those folks can be rewarding.

Medical Tourism

People have a desire to look and feel great. As the cost of cosmetic surgeries being extremely high in western countries, people are willing to travel to countries like India, Thailand, Cuba and Costa Rica. In many cases, many health insure companies are willing to pay for the treatment because the costs are reasonable.

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Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are great for use in the home. But the need of massage chairs is in demand at- airports, shopping malls, heath clubs, hotels, rehab centers, etc. By the way, massage chairs are certainly not cheap.  Find the right target and you are set to profit.

You'll forever have both rich people who have an endless amount of money to spend on high end goods and poor people who are constantly seeking money who turn to loan companies and gambling. So, whilst there's no 1 niche that is the ‘most profitable' for affiliate marketing (or any other) purposes if you want to get involved in big money niches then pick one of these three niche types.

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america's best selling credit repair

Credit Score Defines YOU

america's best selling credit repair 

Most people know that credit scores are important for their financial related transactions, but their knowledge of the credit scores is woefully inadequate. There is a tremendous lack of understanding in the US about how credit scores work. Lots of people are actively damaging their credit score while thinking they’re helping it. Others are completely ignoring it altogether.

Here are some tips to change several personal financial habits for the better.

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Do Not Avoid Credit Cards

Recent recession has taken toll on many young folks as they witnessed destructive power of poorly managed loans and credits. In addition, most youngsters are buried in their own student loan debt. According to a recent Bankrate study, only a third of Americans under 30 own a credit card. By comparison twice as many people over 50 own a credit card.

As an alternative to credit cards, millennials and other Americans are using debit cards more than ever. The reason is obvious: debit cards are a great tool to help you avoid spending money you don’t have. But there are many misconceptions about debit cards.

Debit Cards Do Not Help Your Credit Score. Debit card gives you access only to YOUR funds. It does not give access to a line of credit. Thus, it does not help your credit score.

Debit Cards Are NOT Safer Than Credit Cards. It is true that debit cards may provide you protection against increasing your debts. But debit cards do not protect you from liability. You may be liable up to your entire bank account if your debit card is compromised. Most credit cards offer $0 fraud liability and there is a law called the Fair Credit Billing Act that caps credit card liability to $50.

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Building Your Credit Adds Value

You need to strive for building a good credit score (over 680). Here are some top reasons to have a good credit score:

  • Improves your ability to buy or rent a home
  • Lowers interest rates on home loans saving you potentially thousands of dollars
  • Increases your chances of landing a business loan if you want to start a business
  • Gives you access to credit cards with better rewards programs
  • Can improve your chances of getting certain types of government and finance jobs

Managing Your Credit Is Essential

Note that there are countless stories of credit misuse. The average US household owes more than $16,000 in credit card debt. Misusing credit can have a disastrous effect on your credit score. It is true that you need to use credit, but it is also true that you will need to focus on building improved budgeting, spending, and earning habits first before diving into the world of credit.

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Misconceptions About Credit Score

Another reason millennials avoid, and misuse credit cards is due to some big misunderstandings about how a credit score works. Below is a list of the most common and egregious misconceptions:

Increasing Credit Use DOES NOT Improve Credit Score. Common belief that you can increase your credit score by spending more with credit cards is totally false. Having a high credit use rate will hurt your credit score.

Maxing Credit Card Limit Does Not Improve Credit Score. Often there may be needing to use the credit card to the maximum limit, but you need to make sure you reduce balance as soon as possible.

Checking Your Credit DOES NOT Lower Your Credit Score. Surprising many people believe that when you check your own credit score, will affect their credit score at least as much or more than a hard pull. You can check your credit once a year from each credit bureau for no cost or any impact to your score. Furthermore, if credit is pulled because of creditor’s inquiry during your search of a loan within a time frame, your score is not impacted.

Partially due to this big misunderstanding, there are tons of millennials walking around without knowing what their credit score is.

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Factors Affecting Your Credit Score

Paying On Time. Paying your credit card bills and loan payments on time is hugely important to improving your credit score. Late and delinquent payments can stay on your credit report for up to seven years so it’s really important to avoid them. You need to note that service credit bills such as rent, phone, and electricity do not get reported to credit bureaus. So, you are not building good credit by paying those on time.

Reasonable Credit Utilization. Credit utilization simply means how much of your total available credit you’re actively using. For example, if you have one $5,000 credit card and you’ve spent $2,500 on it, your credit utilization rate is 50% for that card. If you have multiple cards and balances, they all get added together to figure out your overall credit utilization rate. Overall, the lower your credit utilization rate, the better your credit score will be. With that being said, as long as you keep it under 30%, you’ll be in pretty good shape.

Age of Credit History. Simple rule to remember is that the older your credit accounts, the higher your credit score will be. This is because the longer you responsibly utilize credit, the more trust you will build. Never close old account that is in good standing.
Credit Mix. Credit bureaus favor profiles that contain a wider mix of credit types. Somebody that has a credit card and a mortgage will score higher in this category than somebody with just a credit card, all else being equal.

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New Credit and Credit Inquiries. If you open a bunch of new credit cards in rapid succession, it’s going to look like you’re desperate for money and it will negatively impact your credit score. When applying for loans, apartments, or new credit cards, the issuing provider will usually do some hard credit inquiries or “hard pull” on your credit score to get a detailed understanding of your credit worthiness.

Credit Score Summary

Different credit bureaus use different score calculations, but usually they fall into the same general pattern. FICO is very transparent about how they do their calculations and offer the following breakdown:
Payment History – 35%
Credit Utilization Rate – 30%
Length of Credit History – 15%
Credit Mix – 10%
New Credit – 10%

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Impact of Student Loans

Student loans are treated like any other installment loan such as a mortgage or auto loan. And just like a mortgage, the total amount of your student loans won’t have much of an impact on your credit score.

Student loans can be a net positive on your credit score. Student loan payments are reported to credit bureaus, so if you’re making your payments on time that will be counted as a positive towards one of the most important factors.

Having student loan counts as another form of credit so it’ll help the “Mix of Credit” category by giving you a more diverse credit portfolio.

Being Proactive About Your Credit Score

Monitor and Understand Your Credit Report. Just as you check your balance in your bank account, you will need to monitor your credit regularly. Just monitoring is not enough but dispute any inaccuracies that might be present- such as a duplicate report or identity theft. Here are few tips to improve credit score.

Become an Authorized User. If you have a friend or family member that has excellent credit, they can make you an authorized user of one of their credit cards simply by calling the credit card company and requesting the addition. That account will then start to show up on your credit report as well as theirs. If the account is solid and the primary account holder hits all their payments on time, this can help your credit, especially if you’re just getting started building a credit history.

Pay Credit Card Balances Multiple Times Per Month. Credit bureaus will check your credit utilization rates at different times throughout the month. So even if you pay off your balance on time at the end of each month, your credit utilization rates might still appear to be very high if you used a large amount of your credit limit during the month. To get around this you can pay off your balance multiple times throughout the month.

Report Rent Payments To Credit Agencies. Even if you don’t have much of a credit history, you may have a nice history of paying your rent on time. All three major credit bureaus will include rent payment history if it’s reported to them. To accomplish this there are a variety of services and costs as well as some amount of assistance from your landlord.

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The essentials that you need to note:

  • Never use more than 30% of your available credit limits
  • Pay all loans payments and credit card bills on time and in full
  • Don’t generate more than three hard credit score pulls per year

If you follow these three simple rules, your credit will likely be in great shape. But it’s still best to more fully understand the way your credit score works.

You can manage your credit on your own, but  seeking professional service will yield positive outlook in your financial matters.  See additional information here.

america's best selling credit repair

Five Strange Ways To Earn Money

Sometimes one has to look around some unusual ways of making money.  Check them out.

Sell Your Poop

This is serious, no joke.

In fact, some people earn up to $13,000 a year for their Number 2!

OpenBiome, Medford, Massachusetts, uses the poop to help physicians around the country treat infections of a nasty bacterial infection.

Who says your number 2 has no value?

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Look for Whale Vomit

Do you ever wonder where perfumes come from?

The whale vomit which contains “ambergris”- a coveted ingredient in most high-end perfumes. It is no chump change. It is worth $5,000 per pound!

Ambergris is usually secreted by the whale via fecal matter. However, in the rare event that the mass is too large to pass through the digestive tract, it’s vomited up (and out) by the whale.

You may not have catch whale as whale vomits float around the ocean as lump— sometimes come ashore. So next time you are beach look for whale vomit. You can get additional details at Ambergris Expertise & Buying Worldwide.

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Scratch Digital Lottery Tickets 

If you are into buying lottery tickets, then you are aware of scratch-off tickets, but it’s better to avoid them because, well, you are not likely win.

Why not scratch digital lottery tickets. You can try scratching for free using Luckstatic. Each day, it releases a new assortment of digital scratch-off tickets. Your winning could range from $1 to $10,000. You can also earn tokens, enter contests and play games.

The app is supported by advertising, which allows it to keep the payouts high and the games free.

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Sell Your Junk

If you have been hoarding stuff in your closet or anywhere in your home, you are in luck.

How about your prom tux or wedding dress?

You can sell virtually anything on Letgo. This intuitive app lets you snap a photo and upload your item in less than 30 seconds. No more lot of the hassle of selling things online, it’s 100% free to use.

For old books from college, you can use Amazon Trade-In, which lets you exchange used books and electronics for Amazon gift cards.

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Cash In On Your Dollar Bill

Did you know that your dollar bill’s serial numbers could be winning numbers like lottery ticket? So next time check your dollar bills carefully. There is a list of most-wanted serial numbers by collectors listed at

Check out the full list to see if you’ve got any of these rare bills. Few examples of the sort of serial numbers these collectors are looking for:

  • 7 repeating digits in a row on $1 Federal Reserve Notes (i.e. 09999999, 77777776)
  • 7 of a kind on $1 Federal Reserve Notes (i.e. 00010000, 99999099)
  • Super repeaters on $1 Federal Reserve Notes (i.e. 67676767)
  • Double quads on $1 Federal Reserve Notes (i.e. 00009999)

Lessons from Life To Younger Me (and You)

There exists so much information on how to be successful. I learned that failures in life can teach you meaningful lessons. If you learn them early enough you may still benefit in your ongoing life. It is fair to say that I did not learn lessons early enough to benefit in grand scale. So, I wondered what would I tell myself if I was in my 30s?

I can share few points so that you can benefit. It is important to know that it is possible that lessons learned from failures can make you better person if you act upon them as soon as you can.

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Now looking back, I always wonder what I would have done differently.

Own Yourself

The tendency to attach your career path to a company still goes on. That is a big no-no.

Your life is marked not by you but the fate of the company. The company can vanish or be absorbed by another entity. You are just one of many. You are only assured a paycheck in exchange for your time. You are likely to move- at best- as fast as company but never faster than that.

Within a company framework, your success is compared to others. Success is not defined for you instead by you. You are likely to stop learning and growing within a company framework.

Simply, get in driver’s seat as fast as possible. Be in demand based on what you can do and offer your services for which they are willing to get paid on your terms.

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When you want to be employed, you are at the mercy of an employer whereas when you are marketing your services, you are in demand. Furthermore, your services may be needed by more than one company. The emphasis is that you are trading your talents for dollars rather than your time for dollars.

Your Success Is Paramount

If you are with a company your success is defined by a company “manager” as he/she is recognizes your performance based on their limited judgement and is likely to be biased.

Often your success in a company is dependent upon someone’s approval. You learn quickly that you are not judged by good things you did but very few mistakes that you may have made.

In your life, your success needs to be managed by you. Your success should enable you to spend time where and with who you want. Did you notice that word meaning starts with “me”?

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Bronnie Ware (a palliative nurse) captured the misgivings of the dying in her book ‘The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying.' Number one on the list of regrets? “I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

Your Life Your Legacy

Once upon a time, if you worked for a company for over 25 years, you were rewarded with expensive “Gold” watch. Now the company is likely to fire or retire you just prior to your retirement age. There lies the irony- so much for your loyalty.

Why not you be your own legacy? Why not trade your skills for fair (or excess of) market values. You will note that you will be making more and paying less taxes. If done right, you are able to sell your “company” thus transforming assets to your loved ones.

Get Trained To Earn Over $100k/Year

It is never too late, so they say. I have maneuvered directions in my life based on lessons I have learned; but not at faster pace as I should have. No regrets, as I can pass on my lessons to younger folks.

ClickBank University Review- How To Make Money Online?

Making money online is not easy but it is not as difficult if you were to start offline business.  The biggest problem with making online has been not a central place to learn about systematic ways to conduct the business.  To accomplish this objective, ClickBank University (CBU) is a needed training source.  After all, ClickBank is a leading source for being affiliates for digital products.

ClickBank University 2.0 is an upgraded edition of a series of online course which aim at helping both vendors and affiliate marketers to utilize ClickBank and make money online.  The focus of ClickBank University is to teach people how to create their own digital products.  The knowledge you gain from the CBU will also enable you to market other products.

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CBU 2.0 has two main parts to their training- 8-week course to teach to how to promote other people's product on ClickBank as an affiliate; and 12-week course to teach how to develop and promote your own product on ClickBank.

The training here is quite extensive and informative. They cover a wide range of topics that include:

  • Brainstorming and researching on what niche to go into and what product to create
  • How to create a customer avatar
  • How to create a digital product
  • How to create a landing page/squeeze page
  • How to create a sales funnel
  • How to drive traffic to your landing page
  • How to get affiliates to promote your product
  • How to scale up your ClickBank business, etc…
  • Apart from the 2 core training modules covered above, there is still even more to CBU.

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The value doesn't end with the above training. 

Bi-Weekly Expert Classes – Once every 2 weeks an expert will come in and show you that the training does work. These experts have applied what they learned and our now experiencing success.

Special Curated Add-On Trainings – These trainings are very targeted and help you focus on a specific aspect of the training to truly master it. Topics covered will be video marketing or how to leverage the power of Facebook advertising, etc.

ClickBank Toolkit – This really comprises a bunch of handy tools to help you run your ClickBank business effectively – whether you're a publisher or affiliate – with things like PDFs, videos, starter guides, shortcuts and tech providers.

The Traffic Center – This is all about learning how to generate massive amounts of traffic, clicks and sales. Without traffic you have no business, because you have no visitors to your product or promotion. Traffic is everything in this game, so ClickBank's Traffic Center is an invaluable resource.

Live Events – Special events and seminars, nominal fee charged, as additional great sources of knowledge.

Exclusive ClickBank Community – Being able to freely interact with a community of like-minded people is one of the most valuable business assets you could ever have. As a CBU member you gain access to this exclusive community, where you can inspire and help each other on the path to success. You also get access to the ClickBank University 2.0 private Facebook group.

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CBU also offers special service ClickBank Builder 2.0 (CBB) to help you to create professional websites, landing pages and offer pages.  It is a ‘drag-and-drop' tool with various templates to help you craft beautiful pages. Though this is optional, it may be good idea to get if you are new in the online business.  It will give you platform to start earning immediately.

Advantages of CBU

  • Created by ClickBank for ClickBank
  • ClickBank is a reputable platform for online marketers. There are thousands of people making full time or even six, seven figure incomes from it.  The program originators, Adam and Justin have been very successful with ClickBank and thus they are working directly with CB to deliver this CBU. They really know what they are talking about.
  • Money-Back Guarantee- This is another great point for CBU. Although they don't offer a free trial, you can still get a refund within 30 days if you find this program is not for you.

Disadvantages of CBU

  • ClickBank Builder 2.0 For Only CB Products
  • CBB is good to have if you are a beginner but It's expensive compared to other similar tools in the market
  • You must host your website at ClickBank
  • The training also focuses on using this tool
  • Not upfront about requiring this tool
  • Training is Locked- You're not allowed to go through all the training videos once you join. They only allow, you to watch few and they'll unlock each one for you after some time.  However, you can email them to unlock.

Enroll & Earn Money Now

Summary: ClickBank University 2.0 has a solid course with useful tools to help people create their own digital products, market it on ClickBank and make money. They also have a set of course to guide people in affiliate marketing.