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Lessons from Life To Younger Me (and You)

There exists so much information on how to be successful. I learned that failures in life can teach you meaningful lessons. If you learn them early enough you may still benefit in your ongoing life. It is fair to say that I did not learn lessons early enough to benefit in grand scale. So, I wondered what would I tell myself if I was in my 30s?

I can share few points so that you can benefit. It is important to know that it is possible that lessons learned from failures can make you better person if you act upon them as soon as you can.

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Now looking back, I always wonder what I would have done differently.

Own Yourself

The tendency to attach your career path to a company still goes on. That is a big no-no.

Your life is marked not by you but the fate of the company. The company can vanish or be absorbed by another entity. You are just one of many. You are only assured a paycheck in exchange for your time. You are likely to move- at best- as fast as company but never faster than that.

Within a company framework, your success is compared to others. Success is not defined for you instead by you. You are likely to stop learning and growing within a company framework.

Simply, get in driver’s seat as fast as possible. Be in demand based on what you can do and offer your services for which they are willing to get paid on your terms.

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When you want to be employed, you are at the mercy of an employer whereas when you are marketing your services, you are in demand. Furthermore, your services may be needed by more than one company. The emphasis is that you are trading your talents for dollars rather than your time for dollars.

Your Success Is Paramount

If you are with a company your success is defined by a company “manager” as he/she is recognizes your performance based on their limited judgement and is likely to be biased.

Often your success in a company is dependent upon someone’s approval. You learn quickly that you are not judged by good things you did but very few mistakes that you may have made.

In your life, your success needs to be managed by you. Your success should enable you to spend time where and with who you want. Did you notice that word meaning starts with “me”?

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Bronnie Ware (a palliative nurse) captured the misgivings of the dying in her book ‘The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying.' Number one on the list of regrets? “I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

Your Life Your Legacy

Once upon a time, if you worked for a company for over 25 years, you were rewarded with expensive “Gold” watch. Now the company is likely to fire or retire you just prior to your retirement age. There lies the irony- so much for your loyalty.

Why not you be your own legacy? Why not trade your skills for fair (or excess of) market values. You will note that you will be making more and paying less taxes. If done right, you are able to sell your “company” thus transforming assets to your loved ones.

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It is never too late, so they say. I have maneuvered directions in my life based on lessons I have learned; but not at faster pace as I should have. No regrets, as I can pass on my lessons to younger folks.