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Fastest Way To Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Believe it or not, there are ways to pay credit card balance while paying no interest or least interest. The methods are extremely effective, completely legal. The methods leverage created by enhancing your credit score to your advantage. By enhancing your credit score to above 720, you will be able to get credit cards offering you promotions such as, “0% intro APR balance transfer”.

These are cards which offer new customers a long period of time (often as much as 18 months) during which the card charges no interest on all balances transferred to it.

Just think of this: on a $10,000 balance, $150 of a $200 monthly payment would get vacuumed up by interest charges. That leaves only $50 of your $200 that actually reduces your balance, the rest vanishing into bank pockets. Moving your balances to the card you choose will stop the bleeding, allowing you to move on to step two.

Once you've transferred your balances and put a stop to the interest charges, it's time to capitalize on the interest-free period to really break free of the debt. The best part of this is how simple it is: just keep making the payments you used to make when you had to pay big interest payments, except now 100% of your payment will go to reduce your balance.

You need not be “victim” of credit card companies. The longer you are indebted to credit companies, the more money they make. In addition, you are not only in debt, but your credit standing is damaged gradually by lowering your credit scores. So, the first step is to enhance credit score. It is possible that your credit score can be enhanced with no upfront costs.

The first step needs to be taken is to ENHANCE your credit score. Most creditors are looking for credit scores above 720. Your options of getting credit increases- higher loan amounts and many promotional offers offering credit limit with no interest charged for year or more.

Why Not Enhance Your Credit Score Right Now?

Being Good Is Okay

We’re told that striving to be great and never being satisfied are necessary to meet the ever-increasing pressures and pace of today’s world. It’s the only route to success. There are problems with the statement- who defines great and success? Greatness and degree of success needs to be determined individually.

It is possible that you are content with the way your life is and you are happy. That is success to you. Ultimately success may be in finding happiness in your work and life as you pursue your daily venue- the precious moments of the here and the now. In short, it is okay to be where you are, and you are happy. For many, not always trying so damn hard to be great isn’t just the path to being happier; it’s also the path to getting better.

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Research shows that sustainable progress, in daily routines of life- diet to fitness to creativity- isn’t about being consistently great; it’s about being great at being consistent. It’s about being good enough repeatedly.

It is simple logic. A good-enough mindset may very well be the key to being great and happy. The less you want to be happy, the happier you’ll be. The less you need to perform better, the better you’ll perform. It is your own life; so, define your terms.
Many will advocate that setting goals is important. Perhaps. But realistically, you must know where you are right now. Not where you could be or not where you want to be. Why, you ask?

By knowing where you are, you are addressing the thing that really needs addressing- poor mobility in life, patching up relationship or being overwhelmed at work. The essence of making progress lies in confronting and accepting where you are. With the realization of present, you can do something about it.

Earn By Helping Others Solve Money Problems

Being good is ultimate realization of being real. Don’t let social media fool you with its version of rosy life for you. The digital revolution has many advantages, but in pursuit of productivity and busyness, we are witnessing rise of loneliness and decline in meaningful relationships. In the end, it is all about physical touch that adds significance to life that is now- whispers that you hear, feelings erupt through the words you hear from loved ones- the real things that matter.

Being good is being real. Being good is being you. Being good is being great.

Boost Online Earnings With Free Screen Recorder

It is often said that people do business with people they know. The logical question is how do you get people to know you and your business?

It is possible to do that without resorting to expensive marketing. It is simple, and it focuses on your skill to be authentic. It is all about making video and setting up with YouTube. No, you do not need expensive software. You do not need expensive equipment. As a matter of fact, the source is FREE.

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The source is Screencast-o-matic. You will be able to wow your prospects and customers by recording and publishing screen-captured videos. It enables you to give your customers something they can see and hear.

Screencast-o-matic is free. It does not require time-consuming hard work. You can make video literally in a few minutes. You do not need any training or education to use this system for your marketing. Anyone can create effective videos.

Here’s how to use

  • Find a product/service you want to promote.
  • Put together a short presentation- using word, power point or even sales pages.
  • Next visit and click record. It will record your desktop activity in a single click and when you are done it will create an MP4 video right on your computer.
  • Post your video at your site, blog or share on YouTube, Facebook and Google Classroom.
  • Promote the video to your list or Social Media.

Automated Money Earner $10 System

There are many other benefits you get when using with promotions of your business.

  • You can sell products and services by reducing skepticism
  • You can demonstrate visually how to use a product or service properly.
  • You can show off bonuses that customers can get only from you.

This awesome, free resource will go long ways in increasing your presence online thus helping you earn in multiple ways.

Automated Money Earner $10 System

See video made with the Screencast-o-matic:

Global Domains International (GDI) Review- $10 Biz Wonder

Occasionally, a sleeper system can become a sensation. That is the case of Global Domains International (GDI). It is in business of providing website domain name and hosting service.

GDI has been in business since 1999, that's 19 years and the company is “Debt Free”! GDI has been “Paying Commissions” on time, “Every Single Month”! This is BEST System on the Internet!

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The essential part of being in online business is having your own “home” online. Just like in an offline business you need to have an office or a storefront. This is where GDI serves major purpose and yet helps you generate earnings. Here is what you get for your monthly subscription ($10.month):

  • Domain name and hosting
  • 10 custom email addresses
  • Build up to 5 sites- Blogs, niches
  • 100-mb storage
  • Affiliate plan- No cost, with residual and bonus income

However, GDI did not experience much of a fanfare. What is making difference now? Simply powerful and aggressive marketing done via “Team Marketing Strategy” devised by Action Power Team.

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If you have been “ripped off”, have been spammed, have been failure in online business. It does not matter. As they say, there is never an ending, but a new beginning. You are likely to experience that with GDI biz opportunity through Action Power Team.

Once you part of the Power of our “Action Power Team” and the Power of “The GDI 5×5 Compensation Pay Plan”, you will earn and “Stay In It!” Not bad for an opportunity that costs only $10 per month! Fear not, as you can check out GDI opportunity via Action Power Team for 7 days- Totally FREE.

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If nothing else, you owe it to yourself to checkout GDI. It may set you to become financially secure and enjoy the life at its best. Take following steps:

  • Go ahead and “Sign Up Right Now” for “FREE” for the “Basic $10.00 Membership Package”. Yes! Just $10 Bucks! (($0.33 cents a day)) What is that? That is nothing! Very Affordable!
  • Take the “7 Day Free Trial Period” and Test It! Drive It! Promote It! Get Your “Team $30K Video Link” out on the Internet! Get Five (5) Referrals! That's all you need! What do you really have to lose? Absolutely NOTHING! So, Try It! You Will See!
  • Give yourself just at least “5 Days”! If you do not like it, then “Cancel”, if you do not like what you see from our Action Power Team and if you do not believe that you can make money in GDI, then “Cancel”, simple as that! You will not be charged anything. No Way!

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GDI provides best value for the monthly fee.  But GDI is superb by the earning power included in the monthly fee.

Crazy Rich Asians Review- Humorous Drama Churned With Emotional Twists

Crazy Rich Asians is billed as a rare thing because it's the first Asian-American-focused studio movie in more than 20 years. It is a great movie because of its cast, its story and its heart.  It also meets the objective- the stars and director Jon M. Chu of the movie wanted- the film to showcase Asians who were not stereotypes or little-used side-players.

Crazy Rich Asians is the rare American movie that allows Asian men and women to be objects of affection, glamorous wealthy villains operating in society's most elite circles, and players in a tale of love and all its discontents. At first glance, Crazy Rich Asians is luxury exhibitionism, and it's thrilling to watch. But it's made even more thrilling by the fact that there are thoughtful stories about parenthood, love, and fidelity lurking beneath.

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The appeal of “Crazy Rich Asians” is the story of a culture clash that erupts when an Asian-American woman from New York meets her boyfriend's family in Singapore, confronting a real-life generation gap.

The story, which follows the coupling of Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) and Nick Young (Henry Golding), is Cinderella with a twist: The evil stepmother and stepsisters are on Prince Charming's side of the family.

Based on Kevin Kwan's best-selling 2013 novel, which spawned two sequels, Crazy Rich Asians is the first major studio movie in 25 years to feature a cast that's majority Asian-American and Asian. Believe it or not, none of them are playing scientists, martial artists, assassins, or courtesans.

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Rachel is faced with split between her Asian and Asian-American identity. Even though she doesn't seem like she should be an outsider with Nick's family, she's never fully accepted because of her American cultural identity. Some of the most affirming and thought-provoking parts of Crazy Rich Asians happen when it's exploring this duality.

One can't help but develop affinity for Rachel's friend Goh Peik Lin (played by Nora Lurn, Awkwafina) because every time she's onscreen, she's the center of attention. She's the spark that gives life to Crazy Rich Asians, revving up each scene she's in with full of sarcastic and yet comedic snaps of energy.

In a dialogue in the movie, she tells Nick's mother, “just thinks you're some, like, unrefined banana. Yellow on the outside, white on the inside.”  The term “banana” can be used in a derogatory way to describe Asian Americans who are thought to have “lost” their Asian heritage and behave in a stereotypically white way. Though one may not agree with the use of that term to describe a person, yet one can sympathize and identify with someone who has been called this.

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Crazy Rich Asians tells about Asian identity.  It is reflection of how many Asian Americans often feel as if we're neither here nor there. However, the movie did not dwell on this enough.  In USA, the struggle for Asian Americans is often one of assimilation, of being American, especially in the nation's current political climate.

Interestingly, Crazy Rich Asians shines a light on a concept that people in Asia don't see American life as worth assimilating to. Perhaps, they are onto something. Ironically, that is the reason Rachel felt a stranger in her ancestral country because the Asian American experience is not the same as the Asian experience.

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All this said, Crazy Rich Asians isn't a perfect movie: The ending feels a little tacked on to give victorious spin to American way of life- pursue your way of life with no consideration for traditional ways that family relied on.

BookVIP Review -Online Business Makes Vacations Affordable

One of the great pleasures for most people is to take one to two vacations per year. But due to slow economy and shaky job situations, most folks are not willing to spend money. But now you can be at their rescue by offering vacations at very nominal cost.

In addition, you can offer the opportunity to Give Away Free Vacations to Your Leads, Prospects & Clients to Explode Your Sales.

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The vacation incentives industry has been around for decades. But the economic downturn has slowed the incentives. That is until Now!

Now as a member, you can have access to the same vacation incentives that has previously only been available to the largest companies in the world! You can offer the packages to people directly or to business entities who can reward them to their customers/clients.

Online business can be success if you enjoy what you enjoy doing or knowledgeable about what you are doing. Like many folks, you do enjoy travel, right! Furthermore, opportunity does cost you anything. IT IS FREE.

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BookVIP is a travel program that exchanges very low-cost resort vacations to guests that are willing to sit through a timeshare presentation. Usually, presentations are 1 to 2 hours long. But savings for the vacation packages ranges from $150 to over $1000!!!

What I love about BookVIP is the support and the 30% commission they pay for every sale. The prices run from $99 for a three-night stay in Vegas or Orlando up to perhaps $800 for five nights in Cancun Mexico.

In other words, a $99 trip nets you roughly $30 but you can make much more if someone books an overseas trip. A $800 Mexico trip will earn you $240. Not bad if you can get the traffic.  Here is how you are able to earn:

  • BookVIP tracks your referrals via your dedicated link and pays top commissions for every client you send.
  • Visitor clicks on your link on your site or in an email.
  • The visitors IP is logged, and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes.
  • The visitor browses our site and may decide to order.
  • If the visitor orders (the order need not be placed during the same browser session–cookies and IPs are stored indefinitely), the order will be registered as a sale for you.
  • Company reviews and approves the sale.
  • You will receive commission payouts.

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It is no secret that business that couples travel will generate highest conversion rates. Travel appeals to regular folks as it represents escape from their daily routine. Travel appeals to businesses as they can reward vacations to their clients, customers and even their employees.

This is unique online opportunity that will earn your regular income. Starting now will help you towards bright future with plenty of vacations for you too!

Advertising Bait Review- Vacations Giveaways To Boost Your Business

One of the marketing strategies involves offering bonuses so that potential buyer will sign up for the product from you.  But most of those bonuses may not be helpful to the buyer.

Why not offer incentive that a buyer can use and appreciate?  Advertising bait (AB) is a marketing program designed to help business owners and sales people close sales by using a free vacation giveaway incentive. The program is $49 per month and participants can give away as many vacation incentives as they wish.

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Any business- online or offline- can use this program to generate leads, close sales or increase average sales.  For example:

  • A car dealership gave away a resort stay to either Orlando or Vegas for customers that came in for a test drive.
  • A young lady that owns a restaurant voucher website used this promotion to increase her average sale. She can give away a trip to Vegas for any customer that bought $100 worth of her vouchers. You just must be creative.
  • Real estate agents are giving away trips if a client lists with them.
  • A vacation for an estimate, inspection, using a new service your business offers.

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The giveaway vacation process is simple.

  • Step 1. You sign up for the Advertising Bait program.
  • Step 2. You implement how you are going to use the program.
  • Step 3. When you get your lead, your sale or however you choose to use the program, you go to the advertising bait back office, enter the clients name and email and that's it!

Your client will get an email saying “congratulations, you have been awarded a free vacation by: (your business name)” and then they handle the rest.

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In summary, this is a tool, a very cost effective tool for you to use to get people interested in your product.  Advertising Bait will get you clients… The rest, is up to you!

Earn Money With Link Shorteners

Link shortening is a method by which web address is made more concise and often branded. The shortening process share links without using too many characters. The method has been in use for over twenty years and many outlets are offering with no charge to user. (TinyURL, There are many shortening tools have emerged online which enables user to fully personalize.

As with any technique, link shortening does have its pros and cons. Understanding how this technique really works will enable you to use link shorteners (and shortened links) more effectively for your website or business.

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Shortened links offer benefits:

  • Increases the aesthetic appeal of your links.
  • Lets you share links across various platforms (including social media and web forums) more easily.
  • Makes it possible to track clicks and traffic

Shortened links pitfalls are:

  • Shortened links are untrustworthy- Many are not welcomed by social media
  • Possible impacts negatively search engine optimization
  • Shortened links may be used for spamming

If you are using link shorteners to cloak affiliate link, it is recommended that you use your own domain or blog plugin. But if you plan to earn money without a blog or any product/service, link shorteners is the best way. The shortener site will help you earn substantial amount of money.

>>> Start Earning With Link Shortner Now <<< is a link shortening website based in Europe by young internet enthusiasts which pays you money every time your shortened link is clicked. The site is easy internet earning without a webpage. You need to register to have an account

To make money, you use to shorten your desired website address. For example, an affiliate link is is now shortened via to

Now you have a shorten link and you can place it over facebook, twitter, blogs, etc. People click on your new shortened link, but they must see an advertisement for 5 seconds and then they can continue.

>>> Start Earning With Link Shortner Now <<< payout rates are updated on a daily-basis based on the advertiser’s demands across the globe. payout rates vary from country to country from where the views arrive. Basically, payout rates are from $4 to $14 per 1000 views for United States.