Traffic Exchanges To Get Leads and Earn Money


 Having a website to promote your products and services is important.  But having a website is not enough.  Your website needs traffic which will provide you leads of potential clients.  The most easiest and cost effective ways to get traffic is via traffic exchanges.  The traffic exchanges require you to surf other sites in exchange for other viewers surfing your website.  The latest trend is that some traffic exchanges pay you in addition to providing traffic and leads.

There are many hundreds of traffic exchange sites on the internet and finding the ones that are good can be difficult.

You must also note that the person will only be viewing your site for 10 – 20 seconds. The effective strategy is that you should send the viewers to a specific “landing page” or “squeeze page”.  If any viewer is interested, the viewer will provide you their name and e-mail address. The main goal of using traffic exchanges should be to build your personal list of business prospects for now and future endeavors.

How Does It Work?

It's simple: You look at other people's blogs & sites, and then they look at yours.

Most programs require you to click a button every 6-30 seconds in order to view the next page and earn credits. There is usually some kind of security measure to prevent users from cheating by surfing too quickly. And to prevent bots, the user is often also required to enter a captcha code regularly while surfing. This means that the surfer is definitely going to see your material and click through to your site.

Get Started

  • Take your time to understand the traffic exchange market and structure a campaign.
  • Choose between five and ten highly ranked and used traffic exchanges and begin to build up advertising credits within these exchanges in preparation to launch your campaign.
  • Try and allocate a set period of at least thirty minutes per day to this task.
  • Designing and structure your campaign which should include a splash page (a fast loading page with a simple message prompting the surfer to open your site in a new window), a squeeze or lead capture page (a page designed with the sole purpose of getting the viewer to request more information from you via email)
  • Set some realistic goals based on a formula that every lead you generate should be worth on average at least $1 per month to you.

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