Motivation and Inspiration

Motivation for GOOD Life

Everyone has capability and yet not successful in life. The reasons are plenty. But really itpoints to two main areas:

  • Fear of not being liked
  • Not motivated

In these pages, the focus will be on motivation, because motivation makes things happen.

If you are motivated, you can deal with life’s setbacks. Motivation enables you to move forward so you gain experience resulting in growth and eventual enrichment.

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The foremost important point is to know YOUR Why! What is your compelling purpose. You need not be grandiose. Be willing to change your Why when necessary.

Once you know your why, you will be able to determine how. Note that how’s are transitionary. What works today may not work tomorrow. What is constant is your Why.

Then your life is compilation of FEELINGS. But focus on what makes you feel GOOD. It is easier to stay motivated when you feel good.

Do YOU Want To Be Part of Four Percent?

Nothing is going to happen till your Motivation results in you taking ACTION.
Act because you CHOOSE to not because you MUST.

Realize you are taking action towards your WHY, not to impress anyone necessarily.

Though it is your WHY you are pursuing, never hesitate to be mentored or to mentor others. Getting help when you need it and offering help when others need will fuel your motivation.

Do YOU Want To Be Part of Four Percent?



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