One Dollar Money Rush

Quick Summary

(Note: If you prefer to get quick glimpse of the report, summary is provided.)

Legit Opportunity

Legal business opportunity and effective money-making program as it requires no recruitment.

No Contacting Required

You do not have to get in touch with anyone. You earn by providing information to those who want it and ask for it. Simple as that.

Best Rate of Return

This program returns all your investment ($1) in no time. Then you will also earn more if you want to some efforts whenever you want to extra. Of course, if you pursue it regularly, you will earn even more than any other program.

Success Is Very Possible

If you have tried other programs and have not any money. Fear no more. You will get your investment back and even earn more.

Cheapest and Fastest

This program generates quick cash for you. It is CHEAPEST, FASTEST. No Doubts.

Risk Free

You will quickly and easily earn cash. All you need is to send email (provided to you). The money is provided directly to your account.

Simple 3-Steps Plan

The simple 3-steps plan to follow. You can just do once or repeat as often as you want. It is easy. But little efforts on your part is required.

Why Will This Program Be Successful?

The reasons why success is possible:

  • Extremely FAST response
  • Extremely HIGH Rate response
  • Unlimited PROFITS
  • FAST-EASY-CHEAP to start

You can start now and get ahead in the program by sending $1!

Sign Up Here.
You will get email with a list of seven emails, so you can proceed right away.



If the answer is YES, then read the following
and take necessary action,

You will earn money with LESS effort!!!
How??? – I'll show you now – just read on.
You may be skeptical about this program…..
That is Okay but…
At least think about it for a few days.

This system in one form or other has been working
for over 2 years, and
results have been STUNNING!
People are willing to do it…..
You only need 1 Dollar!

Now, tell me….
Who does not have a DOLLAR?????
So, put your doubts aside,
Take the first step
and follow the simple instructions given here!

You will learn how it can work for you!

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This business plan,
which I am about to explain to you,
can be implemented right now.
There is nothing illegal about this opportunity…
No one can guarantee
how much YOU will make….
But you will start seeing
the results in PayPal account….

The system is not complicated…
Simple 3-step plan…That is it!
The best part….
way to make money online!

This program is by no means new.
It exists in many forms
and has existed for several decades.

Send $1 Now

But now it is easier thanks to internet.
This program works
In any country….
With any currency…
Without any experience…
With no age barrier…
Without need of a website…


  • An E-Mail address. (Valid gmail recommended}
  • Active PayPal account

That is it!!!!

Here is The Fact:
you will never earn FASTER, CHEAPER and PROFITABLE money.

Take your time and read everything!
If you do not have time now,
Bookmark it and come back later.

Anyone with an E-Mail address can register for FREE!
Once you have a PayPal account,
you can send and receive credit card payments
or cash anywhere in the world!

Send $1 Now



If you are not already a PayPal user, the very first task you need to do is to click on the PayPal link below and open an account for free. It takes just 2 minutes! Here is the connection:


FIRST ACTION- 1 Dollar from your PayPal account
to the FIRST E-mail address in the list (provided to you with report).
As the intended use of the payment,
you write: “Please add me to the list”
Please BE SURE to specify this intended use,

NOTE: See instructions to make a payment,
“SEND MONEY” on the PayPal page.
You will be provided with email with current list.

NOTE: Be sure to send $1 to the first email address
with purpose clearly stated

Send $1 Now


Copy the email text and
send it to as many people as possible.

The copy you send will include
YOUR PayPal email address at # 7 in the list
whereas the address at # 1 will send you
the requested information.
and the others will put you up in position.

NOTE: It is recommended that you send to at least 50 people.

(Please do no SPAM).

Be sure not to send more than 150 people
via Gmail per day
otherwise your account will be suspended.

Send $1 Now


Here's how it works:

First you get an email list like the following


1. <—–      ( Send your $1 to this email address ONLY)








Then you alter the list by removing #1.
and moving all the other emails up so it looks like this:






7. <<< Add your PayPal email address here.


Keep all the other text of the email the same
then send this new email
and list to a minimum of 50 people!!

By the time your PayPal Email address
reaches the #1 position
your email will be seen by thousands of people
who will pay you $1

(Check out advertising information
At the end of the report.)
Or you can create your own free website with the copy.

Send $1 Now

There are countless ways to reach several people
and make them participate in this amazing program.

The only task that you must consider is
that YOUR E-mail address is at number 7 in the list.
Please do not send spam.
That is the only thing may not get
The results you may want!

Do not be tempted to add your e-mail address to position 1
to purchase money quickly!
It does not work that way!
If you do that, you will reach ONLY the people
to whom you will send the e-mail directly
and then your address will immediately be removed from place # 1
and you will not reach thousands of people!

But if you add your email address to position # 7,
you will literally reach 100 thousand people
who receive or send your email.
And at this point, your name will be at point #1!!!

Send $1 Now

Send a minimum of 50 copies of the email,
Once your emails are ready.
By sending these emails and paying via PayPal,
the response time is EXTREMELY fast, thanks to the INTERNET!!!
Therefore, it will only take a few days for 1 Dollar payments to
flood your PayPal account!
And that is GUARANTEED.

Keep a copy of your e-mail
so that you can use it again
whenever you need more money!

Why use PayPal?

Some comments about
which you may find useful.
PayPal allows anyone with an email address
to open an account
and is the #1 online payment service in the world.
PayPal is used by more than 11 million people
to send money worldwide in real time.
Completing a transaction with PayPal is
far safer than mailing a check,
or giving your credit card number to a stranger.
Opening a PayPal account is
completely free, easy, and takes just a few minutes.

Send $1 Now

Here's how it works:

When you send your E-Mail,
first put your E-mail address to number 7 in the list.
This is the best position you can get
if you really want to make a lot of money.
The response rate for this program is
much higher than any typical email marketing campaign.

This is all about numbers.
You can expect a response
from 10 to 25% of the people
to whom you send the E-Mail.

In email marketing the acceptable results
considered are 1 to 2%.
Let us go with the acceptable results. (NOTE- THIS IS SUPER CONSERVATIVE)
If you send your email to 50 different people,
you can expect to reach at least 2
of those who do exactly what you did. (2% of 50 =1).

Send $1 Now

By that time, your email address is
at position #6 on the list,
this list would have reached 250 people (5×50).
From these 250 people,
you can expect at least 5 to participate
(2% out of 250 = 5).
This puts you in 5th place
with your email address further to Position #5
1,250 E-Mails (25 x50) that are sent out.
Among these 1,250 people,
you can expect to have at least 25
(2% of 1,250 = 125).
This puts you in the fourth position
with your e-mail address on another 6,250 E-Mails
(125 x 50) that are sent out.
With these 5,000 people,
you can expect at least 125 to respond
(2% out of 6250 = 625).
As a result, you will now be in the third position,
with 31,250 emails (625×50) sent out with your email address.

Send $1 Now

Among these 25,000 people,
you can expect 625 to respond
(2% ??from 31,250 = 3,125).
And now that you are #2 on the list,
with (31250×50)
Out of these 150,000 people,
you can expect to receive at least 3000 to respond
(2% out of 150,000 = 3000).
This will put you in first place
with your e-mail address on another 625,000 E-Mails
(15,625 x 50) that is sent out.
Among these 700,000 people,
you can expect at least 78,125 to attend
(2% out of 700,000 = 14000).

And now that you are #1 on the list,
you are likely to receive $14000 (in USA).
If you consider rate of return at 12.5%,
you could get over $85,000.

Send $1 Now

If your email address reaches the number one position,
you will receive money
from a few thousand people
within the next 30 days,
just as you have sent your 1 Dollar.
If you were to invest just half an hour,
you are ready to receive between $14,000 to $ 85,000.
That's all you must do!

This is real money, which you can spend on everything you wish!
You can store all the money in your PayPal account,
or transfer it to your bank account from there.
Interestingly, this is with only sending 50 emails….
The more emails you send, your results will be even greater.

Send $1 Now

Please do not send SPAM!
You will not have to spam.
With the report you will get,
you will also learn
how to get leads to increase your list.
Invest 1 Dollar and 30 minutes of your time,
but receive a substantial sum within a month.
The possibilities are endless, and it's that easy!
This is NOT Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) program.
This will be Your own 7-LEVEL PROGRAM
only cost you 1 Dollar only ONCE!
Only the first person on the list will receive your 1 Dollar gift,
but everyone on the list will move up to position 1.

Send $1 Now

It will NOT be considered spam
if you respond to offers from people who send you emails.

So, send your e-mail now
(and/or create your own website)
and prepare for a huge cash inflow
within the next 30 days!!
4 factors that make this program so successful. . .


(only 1 Dollar), SPEED, and HIGH PROFIT POTENTIAL,
this program has a VERY HIGH SPEED!
UNLIMITED income potential!

Send $1 Now

This program is structured
for everyone and only requires sending 50 emails.
Do not set the 50 as the limit.
Send as many emails as you can.
So, if you can send 50 E-Mails, 100 or whatever number, do it!
So, follow the guidelines,
be honest and the money will come to you.

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