Passive Income With Credit Cards

Yes indeed, credit cards can financially captivate you if you opt to overspend. The credit card companies are banking on you overspend. Think about it, they get on average $20 for $100 owed for a year.

But credit cards have benefits too if you can use them wisely and capitalize on the incentives that are being offered. Some offer as much as 10 cents per gallon discount each time you purchase gas using the card. Over the year, it could amount to savings of as much as $500. Credit cards can be fun especially if you pay them off at the end of each month.

Monthly Income With Credit Card

Did you know that you can also you can also benefit from sign-up bonuses and cash rewards? Yes, indeed there are lots of them. You’re already shopping, right? A passive way to earn income is to sign up for credit cards that offer cash, or points, back.

Check out example of cash-back cards that offer sign-up bonuses — and are free of fees.

  • Chase- Freedom
  • American Express- Blue Cash
  • Wells Fargo- Wise Visa
  • Bank Americard
  • TD Cash Credit Card

Monthly Income With Credit Card

It’s important to remember is that for this to truly be passive, you’re not spending money for the sake of earning points or cash back; you’re spending it like you normally do. Some cards offer as much as $150 cash-back. (Read the terms, please!)

It is important to note that use the cards wisely and pay the balances off each month. It will help you maintain good credit and you will be able to sign-up for many credit cards.

It gets even better. How would you like to get paid for referring people to credit card and get as much as 1% rebate on their purchases?

Monthly Income With Credit Card

The Visa-backed Credit Card Company is currently offering:

  • Get paid cash forever each time you share
  • Visa-backed Card with your friends
  • Plus earn 1% cash back on all transactions
  • Refer 5 to become Founding Member
  • Refer 10 substantial monthly revenue

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