Passive Income With YouTube

YouTube can be your great passive income source.  Not totally passive considering that you must put in efforts to make videos.  But once you make video (each one) it will render you income forever as long as you have channel on YouTube.

Secrets Of Making Money On YouTube

How do you become YouTuber, You ask.

You first need to figure out your passion – whether it’s gadgets, celebrity gossip, religion, politics, pets, make-up, and so on.  Though it is not necessary but having special niche content will help you a great deal.

You don’t need expensive hardware to get going. Content along with great quality is far more important.  Believe it or not, your smartphone is more than good enough to start with. You need to be sure that said there is good lighting is very important.  Best way to deal is to you rely on natural light- if you can be outdoors, or near a window.  Here are few ways you can make money on YouTube.

Secrets Of Making Money On YouTube

  • Become YouTube Partner

Becoming a YouTube partner is the first revenue stream you want to pursue.  This revenue stream is possible as your tube will have ads from Google’s advertising network.  But to make significant amount of revenue from being partner will require you to get huge traffic.  YouTube is very selective where the ads will be placed so your content will have to be within YouTube guidelines.

Secrets Of Making Money On YouTube

  • Selling Products or merchandise

Nothing like branding yourself on the YouTube.  You can sell merchandise-t-shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags.  You can even sell Amazon products.  You can also promote your affiliate networks(s).  This approach is reliable because you need not depend on ads on your video generate revenues for you.  It must be noted that your video must emphasize how your product(s) or service(s) will benefit viewers.  It is essential you try to make each video emphasizes the viewers’ benefits.

Secrets Of Making Money On YouTube

  • Raising Funds

Raising funds for worthwhile projects can yield high level of satisfaction because you are able to help worthy cause and yet make money for yourself.  For example, you could create T-shirts appropriate for the cause and sell them via YouTube.  It is true you will have to split revenues with the organization associate with the project.  Don’t forget, the organization will be helping you to promote your video (and your channel).  A win-win situation.

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