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Donald Trump Can Make Sex Great Again

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It seems lately that everything can be attributed to Donald Trump. Then it is plausible that solution to making sex great again may be dependent on Trump.

According to recent study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, people in the USA are having less sex today than they did generations ago. Your sex life is not what it once was. It is suggested that perhaps the economy of the country may be the cause.  (Also check out How Donald Trump Can Make You A Winner)

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The major concern is that married couples – especially with kids at home – are working longer hours and facing more intense financial pressures that may put a damper on their sex lives. The gap is widening between rich and poor and the middle class is practically non-existent. More people have to spend more time working. To stay afloat, people have to take two or three jobs to meet financial obligations, thus leaving no time or energy for sex.

According to the report, Married people typically had sex 73 times a year in 1990, researchers report in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. But by 2014 married couples were having sex just 55 times a year, trailing single people who had sex 59 times a year. To examine shifts in national sex habits, researchers looked at survey data collected from 1972 to 2014 on a nationally representative sample of 56,859 adults.

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In fairness, financial situation may be a major factor, but there is another factor that may be attributing to lack of romantic interlude. The external entertainment is more entertaining and more on-demand entertaining is available. That is to say, there are a lot more things to do at 10 pm at home than there used to be. It is all thanks to smartphones premiering in 2007, Netflix streaming video in 2007 and YouTube in 2006.

In essence, if America is going to be winner again thanks to anticipated economic boom, people can have time for in-demand sex. Perhaps, then we will have lot to thank Donald Trump for.

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When Men Are Free Women Are Free

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Ironic indeed that in 1990's woman who hailed Madonna as “the future of feminism”, in her essays argue that for women to be free, men must be free too.  The woman is none other than Camille Paglia whose essays are published in a new book, Free Women, Free Men: Sex, Gender, and Feminism, collecting her greatest hits about gender, sex, and feminism from 1990 to 2016.

The book highlights the strength of southern women in the country, an ode to the Real Housewives, and multiple essays about diminishing free speech on college campuses. Paglia stresses how the mainstream feminist movement has revolved around educated white women and forgotten working class women-and men, like the sanitation workers whom she believes do not receive enough credit for their dangerous work.

Strange as it may be, Camille Paglia understood the country long before Donald Trump.  Ms. Paglia was discussing topics that elected Donald Trump at the helm- liberals forgetting white working class Americans in the Midwest and South, the failures of contemporary feminism, and free speech on college campus.

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Earlier women were determined to show that they could achieve at the same level as men. The bold new women of that period did not insult or denigrate men. They admired what men had done and simply demanded the opportunity to show that women could match or surpass it.  Whereas today's feminism has made male-bashing became its default mode from the start. Today's women movement attracts fanatics or borderline personalities- mostly they are damaged women with bitter gripes against men.

In her book, Free Women, Free Men, Paglia is emphasizing that women can never be truly free until they let men too be free-which means that men have every right to determine their own identities, interests, and passions without intrusive surveillance and censorship by women with their own political agenda.

Paglia points out that construction workers and other working class men's work have gone unnoticed. She is outraged to see how so many pampered, affluent, upper-middle-class professional women bash men with snide anti-male feminist rhetoric, while they remain completely ignoring the constant labor and sacrifices going on all around them as working-class men create and maintain the fabulous infrastructure that makes modern life possible in the Western world. Why is that only a tiny number of women want to enter the trades where most of the nitty-gritty physical work is actually going on-plumbing, electricity, construction. Women have played virtually no role in the erection of those magnificent towers in every major city in the world.

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Her admiration for country women is evident in her book.  She states that country women of the agrarian era were physically and mentally stronger than today's high-profile, feminism-spouting women careerists, doing their Pilates and spinning routines at the pricey gym. Country women had big voices and big attitudes.

She claims that today's feminism is not women's movement but “it's neurosis and hysteria”.  According to Paglia, the great irony is that too many of today's privileged white middle-class girls at elite schools can't seem to express themselves forcefully enough even to manage their own dating lives. They have to run to parental proxies on campus grievance committees to intervene for them.

Interestingly, she may have given a clue to handle current misdirected feminism, “I have learned an enormous amount from watching football since childhood and have usefully applied those lessons in my war against the feminist and academic establishment. I block and tackle with pleasure and love in particular to run ‘misdirection' plays on feminist leaders.”

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Though she expresses contempt for what she sees as feminism's negative rhetoric regarding motherhood and homemaking but then calls procreation “nature's fascist scheme” against women. Her critics say that her book is indicative of being an aged rebel, as she believes that conservatism is the new counter-culture, and that rebelling now means standing up for the landlord, the corporate bureaucrat, and the established artistic canon.

Free Women, Free Men is a strange succession of essays about gender, sex, and politics that reveals an individual who is rebellious and yet conservative enough to understand freedom is good only if we are free- men and women.  Her book is a reflection that freedom is the ultimate value.

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How Donald Trump Can Make You A Winner?

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Some of you may have hard time accepting Donald Trump as the President of the United States. Nobody- even his supporters- saw it coming. Anxieties are high and turbulent atmosphere is likely to linger. It does not matter whether you supported him or not, there is one truth to his claim- the Americans will be winners so much so, they will be tired of winning.

The socialists and liberals focus on dreamers. There is a problem with dreaming. No one has become rich with dreams alone. The pursuit of happiness- the essence of America- is only possible for those who are willing to work at it. President Donald Trump is your key to pursuit of happiness. Like him or not he has unleashed tsunami of energy within his supporters and within his haters.

As a business person, you need to see how you can capitalize on him being at the helm whether you personally supported him or not. To understand how is that possible, you need to realize (keeping your personal feelings aside) that he is capable of generating storm unexpectedly. This means opening of many entrepreneurial opportunities that are likely to generate revenues.

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There are some jobs and professions that will likely benefit from his presidency. As Trump brings about a lot of uncertainty, and that breeds certain demands which truly creates jobs and opportunities. If you take advantage of what is out there, you're likely to be a winner no matter what happens.

Here are few opportunities that are likely to help you prosper if you are a freelancer or online entrepreneur.


Thanks to opinionated journalists, there is wide opening for writers who are independent. There are dire needs for independent journalists- real journalists who will probe into depth of issues. The regular media is no longer playing the role of watchdog when it comes to the government or major issues that are important locally or nationally. Your blog (website) can play a major role especially if you are able to address the issues that are significant enough to warrant attention. Be sure to note that you are generating enough interest to your blog to increase blog’s exposure to generate revenue. Do not generate unnecessary hatred. In addition, you could also write for other blogs, newspapers, etc.

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Social Media Specialists

As media is distrusted by majority of Americans, social media has become incredibly important. Even President Trump goes around the media by expressing his tantrums via Twitter. Millions of people are using platforms like Facebook, Snapchat as their primary news or knowledge source. That means, many companies need social media specialists (consultants) as their champions in the new information age. Make no mistake, skills related to social media are likely to increase in demand.

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Bankers, Financiers and Real Estate Agents

It is anticipated that Trump era is going to be a big boom for finance and real estate sector. If you are in these areas as an employee or independent contractors you will boost your earnings. With the age of online exposure, you are likely to market services all over the state (nation). In less than 2 weeks you can get a real estate agent’s license. A real estate agent is able to make as much as $6000 for sale of 1 house (valued at $200,000).

Security Specialists

Based on recent news, foreign cyber-attacks and domestic intelligence spying are occurring on wide scale. It is clear that there is need for cyber security for businesses as well as individuals. The cyber security professionals- as an employees or independent contractors- will be in high demand in coming years. Interestingly, you need not have any degrees or college education. All you need is to familiarize with security software that are available and become an expert. You can offer your services to companies as an independent contractors or individuals.

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Freelancing for Non-profit Companies

Biggest beneficiaries of President Trump's win are non-profit organizations as a whole lot of people donating enormous amount of money. With more resources, these organizations can hire or outsource the tasks to more people. Among the biggest recipients of post-election windfalls were the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and the Anti-Defamation League.

Bartenders & Servers

Reportedly, the biggest gain is experienced by establishments servicing drinks as many disgruntled Trump haters are turning to the bottle in large numbers. There is increase in demand for bartenders. Reportedly, part-time bartenders can fetch as much as $300 to $500 a night!

Energy/Environmental Specialists

President Trump champions natural gas, oil and coal production, jobs in these sectors will see substantial gains. But in other areas of energy sector is likely to see decline in jobs. President Trump is also rolling back environmental regulations. That means people who study and understand the energy and environment will be needed to translate what's happening – and they'll need to emphasize impact of the Trump’s policies. Many of non-profit organizations will be looking for consultants in these areas.


It is no question that some Trump haters are big on escaping a reality. The positive benefit of that is it inspires creativity. From theater to movies, to stand-up comedy and punk rock, we're probably in for some excellent stuff in coming years. Just look at how much money Hamilton is bringing in after the cast's run-in with Mike Pence.

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One need not be entertainment artist, there are opportunities for graphic artists. Have you seen the rise in protests all over the country? In the short amount of time that Trump's been in office, protests have erupted from coast to coast. You bet, there are more protests to come. There will be need to design and create protest signs, tee shirts, banners, etc. If you're a graphic artist or aspire to be one, now is your time to shine.

Who would have thought of Donald Trump as the President? Now he is. Like him, love him, or dislike him or hate him-that is your choice. But never forget, he is also the best source for you to be a winner. To be a winner, you have to make money. And yes, there's some money to be made with Donald Trump at helm.

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American Exceptionalism Empowered Again


It is so sad how the liberals have used America’s exceptionalism as a race-baiting concept. But the truth be known that America is exceptional because it was founded on the idea that each person should be free. Everyone- regardless of gender, color, ethnicity- should be free to be the arbiters of their own life. To be free to succeed, free to fail.

American Exceptionalism is a concept so simple yet so misunderstood. The exceptionalism does not guarantee success but it guarantees everyone the opportunity.
Unfortunately freedom is hard. Over the years Government has been encroaching in to “take care” of people and liberals have been expanding their influence through government controls.

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In that vein cartoon about “Ism”, released in 1948, but is just as relevant today. The cartoon is chilling. Though made in 1948, it depicts exactly what we have going on today with the social justice movement. It addresses class warfare, racial division, and “religious intolerance.”

The liberal movement is simple. The education system ensures that future generation does not understand how freedom works and relies on the government to solve their problems or address the issues. Slowly but surely the government institutes socialism, not too distant far awaits communism. The history of the world has taught us as much.

It must be acknowledged that socialism always makes great promises. It speaks of fairness, equality, and safety. But as this cartoon shows, socialism is a false elixir. It pits classes against each other (the one percent versus the working class). It gives all the power to government. The collective, not the individual, has “rights.” But these “rights” are not freedom.

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What we have today is the result of not heeding the warning! We've sent all of our children to universities and colleges for over 50 years that have educated socialistic principles and philosophy into them! All of our children had to go to college! Where didn't matter as long as they went somewhere! Now we have the result: It wasn’t long ago that millennials rushing after a 74 year old Socialist called Bernie Sanders! Go figure!

Liberalism has changed everything since this film was made. Liberalism erodes freedom. Liberalism is a slow, sneaky and gradual process that, although with “good intentions” is a complete disaster.

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At least for a while, American exceptionalism came through as American people forged as massive movement and crushed socialism at least for a while. It took “old” schooled leader Donald Trump challenged media, politicians, and pundits and lead the movement.

Looking back in history, America has come through many wars, forces and movements within to destroy it thanks to America’s exception.

Make America Great Again

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Indian-American CEO Succumbs To Liberal Fears After Election

New Delhi, INDIA: President and CEO of PepsiCo, Indra K. Nooyi holds a bottle of Pepsi during a press conference in New Delhi, 18 December 2006. Seeking to completely undo the damage done by a pesticide controversy, global food and beverages giant PepsiCo said it gave safety and integrity of products the single-highest priority and would fully comply with whatever standards India sets. "I personally stand behind each and every product we sell. In my view, they are the best in the world," Pepsico's President and CEO Indra Nooyi said in her first press interaction outside the US after taking charge at the helm of the 33-billion dollar MNC. AFP PHOTO/ Manpreet ROMANA (Photo credit should read MANPREET ROMANA/AFP/Getty Images)
(Photo CreditPepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi-Manpreet Romana/Getty Images)

The 2016 election was explosive.  The way nation is divided, it would not have mattered who had won.  The America as a nation rendered for change and Donald Trump will be the next President.  It is disturbing indeed, that the media, pundits and some business heads are reluctant to accept the result and are engaged in outright condemning the results.

PepsiCo Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi said many of her non-white employees are “in mourning” and afraid for their safety after Donald Trump’s presidential win in recent election.  Nooyi, 61, grew up in India and became a U.S. citizen after Yale School of Management and the PepsiCo CEO in 2006.

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Mrs. Nooyi, a Hillary Clinton supporter, stated at New York Times Dealbook conference after the election “I had to answer a lot of questions from my daughters, from our employees.  They were all in mourning.  Our employees were all crying.  The question that they are asking, especially those who are not white: ‘Are we safe?' Women are asking ‘Are we safe?' LGBT people are asking ‘Are we safe?'

It must be pointed out that “all” her employees were not crying. And these fears (by some) were utterly unreasonable.  I venture to say that if she doesn't know that, she shouldn't be running the company she is. If you have employees crying about unreasonable fears, do you really have to bring up that nonsense?  Absolutely, that ought not to be the concern of CEO.

Nooyi’s comments as CEO of a major corporation are totally inappropriate as there should be no room for her individual political preference. Most CEO’s usually stay out of political area and encourage employees to keep politics out of work area.  But there is unusual trend with corporate executives as they have been living in the bubble of wealth and far removed culturally from the rest of America. These executives, including Indra Nooyi, believe that political correctness is an acceptable substitute for real leadership.  They know that as long as they say the right things and kowtows to the right interest groups, it is unlikely they will ever lose their job.

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She is totally blind to her personal rise to the helm of one of the leading corporation in the United States.  A woman from South Asia, who hit the shores of America as a young adult, was chosen to head America’s most iconic brands at age 51.  Thus it is disheartening that Ms. Nooyi has opted to undercut her present notion of America as a dark, threatening place.

Needless to say, she is an ungrateful immigrant.  In fairness, she need not be singled out.  The Fortune 500 companies are headed by executives, many of whom attended elite liberal universities and came of age during the late 60s and 70s. Many of them are not particularly sympathetic to free enterprise or traditional American values.

Instead of appreciating the success she has accomplished as an immigrant, she has embraced the racism promoted by the liberals.  It amazes me that a person with this shallow level of thinking would be chosen to lead a major American company. The United States comprises of people of all colors- including whites.  Looking back in history, it needs to be acknowledged that Americans of European ancestry founded this nation and are still 65-75% of the population.

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Setting that aside, people must get over it, get a life, and get off the focus of color and focus instead on character. Americans in a slight majority rejected that vision. America was never built on “color”.  America has been a land for those dreamt.  America has been land of people who took actions.  America has been a land for those explored dangerous spaces- on earth and beyond.  America can’t be land where “safe” spaces are provided for cry-babies.  America rules with law and order where justice is guaranteed for all. America has been a land for those wanting to be strong.

While Ms. Nooyi comforts her few workers for being safe, America moves on to be Great Again.



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Donald Trump- Champion of The Movement


It is often said that never get into controversial discussions in the areas of politics, religion and lately, political correctness.  At the onset, I want to make clear this is not intended as an endorsement of any person or a party.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly when America started its downward slide.  I would venture to say that most of the slide started somewhere after mid-1990s.  The baby boomers began to set in their lifestyle of totally semi-utopian and emergence of political correctness.  Highly paid but hardly qualified media elites projected false images of perfection as long they were looking into a camera.  They colored their world into wishful thinking.  In the process, the “old” American values that made this country great were sidelined.

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Eventually the baby-boomers and their children engulfed into “guilt-complex” showered by liberal media only to advocate America’s greatness and exceptionalism needs to be ridiculed.  The freedom of expression, so much cherished under the constitution, was eventually muzzled so the expressions do not hurt anyone’s feelings. Feminist women acquired their freedom so much so they have ridiculed women who stayed home to take care of the children.  Simply put, America digressed to the point people readily took path toward destruction of America’s greatness and exceptionalism.

That brings me to recent speech by Peter Theil, co-founder of PayPal who is endorsing Donald Trump for President.  He acknowledged that Donald Trump is not a perfect person by any means.  According to Thiel, Trump gets the “big things” right such as understanding that free trade “has not worked out well for all of America” and that voters have grown tired of 15 years of overseas conflicts.

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It is interesting to note that Thiel is a prominent gay conservative and was ridiculed by The Advocate, a leading LGBT magazine for supporting Donald Trump.  Theil was critical of the diversity advocated by the liberals as he said, “The lie behind the buzzword of diversity could not be made more clear,” Thiel said Monday. “If you don’t conform, then you don’t count as diverse, no matter what your personal background.”

It must be noted here that since mid-1990s America has undergone various bubbles thanks to baby-boomers which has resulted in economic upheavals. The bubbles- immigration, housing, dotcom, stock, trade- were compulsions of experts (mostly baby-boomers) who reached out for an easy solution while denying reality.  They bought into the rosy promise of next bubble only to inflate eventually.  Oddly, America has never totally recovered from any bubbles and now they have to come to haunt us.

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This is where Donald Trump is different.  He deplores a bubble mentality and ridicules politicians’ reassuring stories and claiming everything is fine. He wants to ensure and awaken America’s optimism with hard work. He wants to instill the greatness that America had and can have in the years ahead.

Of course, politicians from Democratic and Republican parties could not effectively challenge Donald Trump’s current outlook of the United Sates so they branded him as “race-baiting, immigrant-bashing, misogynistic, sexually predatory, religiously bigoted vulgar” person.  Win or lose, Donald Trump has been one-man force who has disrupted America’s political landscape.  He was able to do so because Americans are tired of being taken for granted, always sidestepped only to be taxed while their rights trampled in the name of diversity.  Politicians from both parties consider their constituents nothing but fools only to be reached out during the elections.

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Over the years, politicians and media elites have demolished America’s greatness as they pursued path of multi-culturalism and political correctness.  It is true that America is greatness lies in the existence of multiculturalism. The big difference is that America enables multiculturalism to thrive.  But the liberals tend to believe that “multiculturalism” makes America great.

It is also possible that Trumpism may be just another big bubble to hit America.  The difference is that Trump bubble is driven by non-politician who wants to make America great again.  Once in a while there is a movement that launches a change in a direction that yields awakening of spirit and drive within people who say, “We can’t take it anymore.”
Win or lose, Donald Trump is a champion of the movement.

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Political Correctness Is So Un-American!


Donald Trump is detested by the political correct watchdogs.  He challenges them ferociously.  The establishment tried to shut him up but he marches on.  What is even surprising is that, American people are backing him.

Originally the political correctness (PC) emerged in the late 80s and early 90s.  But lately it has asserted strong influence thanks to social online networks, liberal media and liberal politicians. What was considered to be merely an academic phenomenon, PC has become style of politics in which radical members of the left are regulating political discourse.  They are defining opposing views as bigoted and illegitimate.

The media is also a major partner in PC movement because it makes money for them. Every media company knows that stories about race and gender bias draw huge audiences, making identity politics a reliable profit center in a media industry beset by insecurity.

The PC watchdogs tell us nothing is what is and we should not label people.   But the fact is PC t can’t ignore the Truth in the long run. Truth truly does not care whether you are born as a man or a woman.  It cares that you are born as a human.  You are born the way you are.  There is no right or wrong.  Truth is that the world is the way it is.  Truth is not hate.  Truth is not political correct.  Only truth, that is important, is that this world is meant for all of us and we must make it better collectively.

Colin Quinn did a bit on PC language in his new comedy special “Unconstitutional,” available on Netflix. In it, he discusses what people are afraid to say anymore. In less than two minutes, comedian Colin Quinn paints a hilariously scary picture of what it's like in the United States of Political Correctness, where people walk on eggshells and fear insulting someone or being “noninclusive.”


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Making America Strong Again


The theme “Making America Strong Again” (MASA) is echoing around the United States.  In pursuit of social and political correctness for over two decades,  the American greatness has been sidelined.

The career politicians and wall street money moguls have ignored the interest of the citizens of the United States.  The politicians have abandoned the citizens over illegal aliens to create a future voting segment.  Simultaneously, the wall street moguls enjoyed the cheap labor from that potential voting segment.  Ironically, the government has endless resources to finances to harbor illegal immigrants- estimated to be over 12 million. And yet, the government lacks funds to educate our youngsters.

The MASA movement is not new.  The seeds of the MASA may have been initiated in 2012.  In the HBO series, the first episode  of The Newsroom showed the news anchorman delivering a powerful sermon on American dialogue.  The scene (see video below), billed as the most honest three and half minutes of television ever,” had gone viral.

In short, the anchorman, played by Jeff Daniels, sitting on a panel, is asked by an earnest young woman why America is the greatest country in the world. After a tirade of statistics to rebut the poor woman, Daniels’ character concludes: “The first step in solving any problem is to recognize there is one. America is not the greatest country in the world anymore.”

The American people have been experiencing and witnessing downward trend.  The ruling elites from both parties have been thrashing American values in name of political correctness and social engineering.  They have demolished the education system.  The health system, once the greatest in the world, has been hijacked by the Affordable Healthcare.  Once the greatest power in the world, now United States has to beg it’s adversary to sign an agreement to ban nuclear weapons production.  In short, now more than ever, America is not the greatest country anymore.

The majority of Americans- so called silent majority- is aware of the need for the country to get strong again.  The silent majority has been suppressed for too long by the powers to be- career politicians, wall street empire builders and know-it-all media spokespersons.

“Make America Strong Again” is the sentiment of the silent majority.  At least for a while, it is being propelled by the one man crusade, Donald Trump.

He is flamboyant. He is cocky. He is insulting. He is rich. He is politically incorrect. Some say he is Democrat.  Some say he is Republican.  Label him what you want,  but make no mistake, he is fearless American.  He is proud of American exceptionalism.  He wants to utilize America’s exceptionalism to make America great again.

What does make America great again mean? Basically, it means America can’t be invaded by illegals.  It means America prioritizes in protecting the citizens’ interest.  It means America is willing to negotiate through strength not surrender.  It also means America is willing to correct injustices of the past but never ever apologizing for its past.

America’s exceptionalism is not meant to be “politically correct” but to be great and strong.  To be great and strong again, America must make its’ citizens prosperous again.

Making America Strong Again is not just for us but for our future generations also.  But we must ensure that America’s exceptionalism is alive and thriving.

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