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The American Way- Living Paycheck To Paycheck

It is brutal reality in America- most Americans run out of money before their next paycheck.  No matter how much you earn, the struggle never seems to end.

According to the recent report by CareerBuilder, seventy-eight percent of full time workers said they live paycheck to paycheck.  Interestingly, 71 percent of all U.S. workers are now in debt- amounting to increase by 3 percent over last year.

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It is true that household income has grown over the past decade, but it has failed to keep up with the increased cost-of-living over the same period.  Even those making over six figures said they struggle to make ends meet, the report said. Nearly 1 in 10 of those making $100,000 or more said they usually or always live paycheck to paycheck, and 59 percent of those in that salary range said they were in the red.

According to the survey, aside from the insecurity of living without a financial cushion, the phenomenon has another downside: It hampers Americans' ability to save for retirement. About 18 percent of workers cut back on their 401k contributions or personal savings in the last year and more than one-third don't put away money for retirement.

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Personal responsibility does play a role in Americans' financial problems, with the survey finding that only a third of workers stick to a budget. Asked what spending items they wouldn't give up, more than half said they'd never cut back on their internet connection or mobile devices.

That might seem like an extravagance to some, yet the truth is many Americans can't work effectively without internet service at home or a smartphone, with employers increasingly expecting workers to check their email while they're out of the office or be available for a call.

20 Reasons To Join WiFi Millionaire

Most financial experts recommend stashing at least a six-month cushion in an emergency fund to cover anything from a dental bill to a car repair – and more if you are the sole breadwinner in your family or in business for yourself.

The solutions are available for people to enhance their earnings by formulating new ways to earn money to increase their cash flow while restricting their expenditures. Thanks to the very tools they can't cut back- internet and phones- can generate passive income so they do not have to live paycheck to check.

20 Reasons To Join WiFi Millionaire

It is true that there are many scams out there; but there are many legit systems that will help you attain desired cash flow.  In most cases, you are able to earn without affecting your current lifestyle and without necessarily impacting your family time.

Surely earning on internet may not be easy, but it will increase your cash flow, reduce your stress and perhaps, will lead you to financial freedom.

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Real Money Streams Review

Real Money Streams, by Chris Johnson, is brand unique EZ Paying Jobs program.  The Real Money Streams (RMS) is designed to help you earn REAL money online. The system is filled with PROVEN ways for regular people to get started making money online- the RIGHT way and the REAL way.

This a revolutionary product program combines over 1000 hours of interviews, video tutorials, case studies and audio courses that teaches anyone how they can earn money online. The program contains a video of program creator – Chris Johnson -actually getting paid $1000 for paid surveys.

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Highlights of RMS

  • It's simple and straight forward program.
  • RMS helps you build multiple, online income streams. All the prep work is done for you, so you can get right to work and get paid!
  • RMS has online and offline jobs.  Be sure to check out specific requirements.
  • No experience is necessary- Newbie friendly.
  • You are NOT limited to work from anywhere and any computer with internet connections.
  • Each company that provides you the jobs will pay you with a company check.
    These checks will be sent to you through the postal service or Paypal.
  • There is a one-time fee. Once this fee is paid, you will have lifetime instant access to the member's area. There are no recurring fees.

Would You Like $25, $100, $250, $500 Commissions?

It is to be noted that RMS is intended for those who are looking for steady pay online that is more like a job than an online business. In other words, you don't get the benefit of owning what you create or building a passive money making system, but what you do get is guaranteed weekly pay and a job you can put down at the end of every day without worry over what your business is doing.

Would You Like $25, $100, $250, $500 Commissions?

In reality, you need to have best of both worlds.  You can pursue RMS programs as you see fit and also engage in building your online business.

Check out RMS here.

More Checks Less Bills

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