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DigiSoft Payline Review- Two Powerful Income Streams

Face it folks, every single day at least one opportunity emerges online promising you to make you next millionaire. It pays to be diligent to do research on a company before you opt to join. No matter which company you join, the result will depend on you not in the company you join. Each program you join must be an addition to your income streams.

In order to join any opportunity, you need to seek answers to following:

  • What is the opportunity and what is being offered?
  • Is it a scam?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How long will it take to recover your initial investment?
  • What are the drawbacks?

DigiSoft Payline (DSP) is one of the opportunity is being reviewed. Like many opportunities, DSP has its hypes but it has good potential as a feeder program. That is to say, it helps you bring newcomers or inexperienced folks into online business so they can be trained to become marketers.

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The highlights are:

  • DSP does all the recruiting, selling, and explaining his videos!
  • The member keeps 100% of revenues from all Personal and Infinity Team Sales!
  • Instant cash commissions of $15 & $35!
  • Member gets paid instantly and directly!
  • There is no Matrix, no multi-level marketing (MLM)!
  • DSP is global, and is affordable – especially to newbies, global entrants.

Many have good experience with DSP as many tour-takers of the program tend to join. The DSP has two income streams within their program. Package 1 ($15) is 1-up infinity paylines, and Package 2 ($35) is 2-up double infinity paylines.

In essence, to qualify to earn from sale of Package #1, you will be passing up your first referral/sale of #1, then starting with your second sale of #1 and all after that, you get the first referral/commission from each of your Package #1 payliners passed up to you, and the first from the first from the first…unlimited $15 commissions being passed up to you.

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Similarly, to qualify to earn from sale of Package #2, you will be passing up your first TWO referrals/sales of #2, then starting with your third sale of #2 and all after that, you get the first two referrals/commissions from each of your Package #2 payliners passed up to you, and their first two from their first two from their first two…unlimited $35 commissions being passed up to you.

DSP offers the $230K Business Plan, which they claim, can potentially generate over a million dollars per member. Though there is potential to earn substantially, relying on hype is not a good idea!

It is not necessary for to purchase two packages as you can start with Package 1. You also need to know to maintain option to earn from your packages; you will need to pay $7(per month).

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But at a reasonable $57 total to get into this business, that plan is realistic to promote consistently to gain tour-takers, because a great many of them do join. It is to be noted that it’s your responsibility to send traffic to your site, your success in this business completely depends upon traffic registering for the tour.  That is every member's main objective: Building the largest foundation of personal referrals.

The products in DSP can help you become a better marketer, there are nearly 200 products, many are about social media marketing. The DSP owner, Ron Walsh, helps close our sales, and we can gain up to $50 per each new payliner who joins our team, unlimited times per day.

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