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How To Retire Wealthy, Healthy and Happy?

Are you too old to start business?

As a baby boomer, you are probably asking that question.

Just because you are a baby boomer, your role need not be limited to just being dad, grandpa (mom or grandma). You may have aged, but you are also wiser.
As matter of fact, we are not dead yet. Did you know that boomers (born between 1946-1964) have been forming businesses at faster pace than any other generations- especially younger ones.

The reasons are simple indeed:

  •  Boomers come from a self-reliant generation that’s not afraid of hard work
  • – Boomers have a lifetime of experience they want to apply in their
    own businesses
  • – 50 (even 60!) is the new 30!

Retire Wealthy 

The great news is, this has to be the best time ever to start a business. Because the internet has made the whole world our marketplace and it has made being in business simple with many auto features. All you need is laptop and Wifi.

Being boomer, you can relate to making an efforts and being focused. That is an essence of any business and more so for online business.

Interestingly, as a baby boomer you have experienced life over the years and you are at the age with full of wisdom. You are able to teach the new generation how they can use the tools to enrich others. There is a saying that when you give man a fish, you feed him for a day; when you teach him how to fish, you will feed him rest of his life.

Retire Wealthy 

That is the beauty. The younger generation need folks like boomers to guide them in a direction to instill values of efforts and dedication. It is about being focused and parlaying of knowledge of how to be in business and succeed. And you are at right place.

Furthermore, the opportunity will also benefit you as you will be rewarded handsomely. In essence you will be retiring healthy, wealthy and happy.

That’s because this business is perfect for:

  • Retirees who aren’t content occupying the rocking chair or the golf course.
  • People who have given years to corporations, who now want to enjoy
    their families and still make great money.
  • Folks who put their passions on hold and now want time to pursue them.

For any Boomer reading this who isn’t ready to hang it up, or IS ready
for a “second act” of lifestyle freedom, fun and financial prosperity,
definitely check this out!

Retire Wealthy 

Millionaire Mindset Paves Path To Success For Online Business

Not that rich people do not make mistakes or that they are perfect, but most rich folks look at their business ventures with different mindset.

When most people before getting into venture, they are likely to pose first question, “how much does it cost?”

Whereas, a rich person is likely to ask “how much will I make?”  One sees an opportunity as a cost whiles the other sees it as a gain.

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Accustomed to being a worker, most people operate on employee mode.  If you are to enter into a business arena, you will have to change to business owner mode.  The employee mode operates on limiting belief concept.

Robert Kiyosaki once explained the importance of educating your emotions, and overcoming fears.  Thomas Edison took more than 1,000 attempts to create the first light bulb.  As it stands it was okay for Edison to fail because his each failure was a step towards success. That does not mean that having people with business mindset believe every new concept becomes a huge success.  Business mindset enables you to treat each failure as a lesson learned to betterment eventually.

So to be successful, you need to act with planning.  Business mindset plans a path towards success.  Most people spend time researching information leading to paralysis by analysis.  It is imperative that you take necessary actions to yield results you expect.

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The greatest reward as a consultant is seeing each client is a success story- A story with good ending as well as rewards.

21-Steps Teaches You To Earn For Lifetime

Starting any business can be overwhelming task.  It might seem easy to start online business. Undoubtedly, it is very affordable.  However, online business is very involved process if you want to earn regular income.

So is there any system that can make grasping online business, you ask.

Believe it or not, there is system out there that can enlighten you with what it takes to be in online business.  You heard the expression, “Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”, well then there is a hope for you. My Online Business Education (MOBE) offers a leading online business training program- 21 Steps System- and business systems for you.

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The uniqueness of the 21 Steps System is that it gives you access to free personal live coaches, who guide you through the steps. You can also contact them though a call or email if you have questions.

Whether you are a newbie to the online business world or someone who is struggling to get your online business into profit mode, 21 step business is the training program and business system you need.

The 21 Steps System is the entry level product for the MOBE.  It is a training course to get you up and running with MOBE.  This is the education that will unlock the secret formula to making money online.

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Here are some highlights of what you are likely to learn with the 21 Steps Program:

  • How To Make 6 Figures in Your First Year With Top Tier
  • Why 3,000 Commissions With No Extra Work
  • How the Phone Sales Team Makes You Money
  • How the MOBE Team Builds Your Business Everyday
  • 85% of Franchises Succeed While Most Other Businesses Fail
  • How to License a Proven & Profitable Online Business
  • How to Get Paid Quickly and Easily with MOBE

Get Your 21 Steps Now

You have nothing to lose. Even if you do not join the program, you will be able to earn line by the techniques of the 21 steps with any other online business venture. If you join the program you will be on your way to earn high earnings online.

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Why Aren’t You A Millionaire?

Super Sales Machine Super Empire

As full disclosure, I need to admit that I am not either.

Then how am I qualified to write about it? I do not have all the answers. But when I analyze the past and check what mistakes were made, the answers may be intriguing.

Reportedly, there are 10.4 million households- 8.3% of American households- worth more $1 million or more. Comparatively, the average American may not have more than $5000 in bank account.

It must be acknowledged that the wage gap, stagnant paychecks, and lingering effects from the Great Recession may have had dramatic impact can be debilitating. However, unable to reach $1 million milestone may be attributed to the individuals directly.

At the onset there has to be basic realization that it is possible to have $1 million and that accumulation of wealth is a number game. Once that realization gains a strong hold within you, then you need to become practical. What does that mean? The possible options are- Increase your earnings, minimize your debts, and create income-generating investments.

Toughest thing to do is to minimizing your debts. Simply stated, you have to realize the difference between wants and needs. You have to distinguish between which item are necessities and which ones are optional. Even with your needs, you may have to curb your spending. For example, you need a car; it doesn’t have to be the most luxurious car. Neither do you have to spend a lot of money on food. It’s very easy to overspend without even realizing it.

It is said that you are often judged by the people you associate with. That is to say, you are likely to spend more if you hang around people who spend unwisely. Your money habits often reflect the people you hang around with.

The essence of having a million is acquiring financial freedom. The root of financial freedom is to have more cash coming in than going out. The two powerful methods are: to have a plan B to increase your earnings and to start paying off your debts.

It is not possible to become a millionaire with a regular job. For example, if you were making $50/hr., your annual salary is ($50/hr. X 40 hrs./week X 52 weeks/yr.) about $100,000. If you saved all of the salary, it will take 10 years to have $1 million. Surely, it is not possible to save 100% of your salary. If you save 10% of the salary, it will take 100 years to have a million.

It ought to be clear that cutting back and tightening is not that helpful to attain your goal of having your first million. What you will need to do is have a method or means to have additional paycheck(s). You may want to consider a Plan B. What is Plan B, you ask.

Your Plan B will be a system that will generate additional cash flow (paychecks) to your regular income flow. How does one do that?

It will mean starting your own business —it’s a side project to your day job that could soon bring in major profits as you work for yourself. Be warned that everyone wants in on a get-rich-quick scheme, but few of them pan out. Be realistic and do not fall for these schemes.

In the 1996 book “The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy,” the authors state that two-thirds of the millionaires are self-employed, with 75% of them entrepreneurs, and the remainder professionals, such as doctors and accountants.

Do not count on inheriting a pot of money or winning a lottery, entrepreneurs create most of the wealth in the country. Most millionaires in the making, 8 out of 10, earned or increased their assets on their own, a 2015 survey by Fidelity Investments found.

There are plenty ways you can start your business online without costing you large cash outlay. The most important thing you need to note is that you will need to devise a system that will generate a cash flow for you on a regular basis. Then your developed system can add or delete product(s) or service(s) to enhance income.

Now is the best time to start towards attaining your millions. Checkout information here.

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Super Sales Machine Review- Your Income Center

Super Sales Machine Super Empire

If you want to get into online business, you will need your own products and website all set up for you so that you can earn regularly.

There is a dilemma- you do not have your own products or do you have know-how to set up professional website.

Now there is the Super Sales Machine (SSM).  SSM is aimed at beginners and existing business owners who want to sell their own digital products online but who don't have the necessary skills or time to pull it off.

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SSM provides you with a very unique service that provides you professional products setup on your server, personalized with your name, email address, affiliate links and connected to your PayPal account, all ready to start earning for you within few days.

All your products are easily accessed through your own administration system- that is installed on your server.  All you have to do is log in and Walla!

You'll be able to see all the products that are installed, where they're located, the download links to send to your customers in case they contact you, access links to all product content and much more.

Set Your Income Center Now.

Even marketing efforts are made easier for you. All the promotion emails are laid out for you in the order they should be sent out with your name and URLs already added.  All you do is to choose the product you want to make money with, clicking the ‘select' button so you can copy the email and clicking the ‘send email' button with your contact management system.

In addition, a full suite of training videos are included  covering:

  • How to get traffic
  • How to build your list
  • How to contact management system
  • How to write a good sales copy
  • How to create your own products from scratch
  • How to set up your own re-seller products.

Is this life changing income? Of course not, at least not right away.

Set Your Income Center Now.

But in time expect Super Sales Machine to help you pay your bills.  Just like any ‘turn-key' business solution, how much you earn depends on how you plan to promote your products, the effort you put in and marketing efforts.

SSM is a great solution for newbies and business owners who want to enter the internet marketing sphere fast. The bottom line is that you will have multiple sources of income streams all set up for you.

Set Your Income Center Now.

Your Plan B

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Smart And Sassy Amelia May Be Your Replacement


It is so amazing to watch political drama every four years.  There is outcry about unfair treatment at work places- unequal pay, minimum wage, maternal/paternal leave.  But my concern is not about politics but how the politicians are playing with people’s emotions.  But politicians with help of business folks are helping to reduce workforce.

So for the wise ones out there, be aware of what is going on.  No politicians can help you either because they can’t or they won’t.  But you need to help yourself by strategizing and preparing yourself for the inevitable future.   The future which may involve you not being employed anymore- at least the way you have been used to.

Why, you ask.  Simple answer, Amelia is here.

Amelia is bright.  She sounds vivacious. She is pleasant.  She never loses her cool. She is composed.  She doesn’t get frustrated.  She does not get confused.  She does not take any breaks.  As a matter of fact, she can perform for you around the clock.  She does not ask for any pay.  She does not ask for benefits. She does not gossip.  She is humble and willing to attend to all your commands.  She may require maintenance (that is normally scheduled).  She doesn’t get headaches nor does she call in sick.

Wouldn’t you like to hire Amelia?

Of course, who wouldn’t?  Satire aside, Amelia is here and eventually she will be replacing many folks.  Earlier machines revolutionized agriculture, manufacturing, utilities and other sectors of the country’s economy and took over jobs of many employed folks.  Now similar revolution is in the making.  The revolution is creating machines.  These machines are different.  These machines are substitution for actual human being.  These are artificial intelligent (AI) machines who will take over human labor force in the country’s service industry.

Amelia is your eventual replacement.  Are you prepared?

Amelia is the complete package: smart, sophisticated, industrious and loyal. Amelia can automate any process within your business. From helping customers open new bank accounts to processing insurance claims and registering patients for hospital entry, Amelia has countless potential industry applications.

Amelia is an artificial intelligence platform created by Dube’s managed IT services firm IPsoft, IPsoft has developed virtual agent avatar poised to redefine how enterprises operate by automating and enhancing a wide range of business processes. The product- Amelia- is still-ongoing 16-year developmental cycle.

Amelia, technical and yet very feminine, leverages cognitive technologies to interface with consumers and colleagues in astoundingly human terms, parsing questions, analyzing intent and even sensing emotions to resolve issues more efficiently and effectively than flesh-and-blood customer service representatives.

IPsoft unveiled Amelia in late 2014, and she is currently in trials across a handful of enterprises, including Shell Oil, Accenture, NTT Group and Baker Hughes, tackling everything from overseeing technology help desks to supporting financial operations to advising remote workers in the field.

How I prepare myself, you ask.

Being aware can be scary.  Most people will be worried and resign to accept what is inevitable.  But the brave ones will get prepare themselves so they can avoid unpleasant outcome.

So, prepare yourself by taking actions so that you are not totally dependent on your job (employer).  You need to engage in your business venture.  If you play your cards right, you know Amelia can help you.

Obstacles In Starting  Online Business

Overcoming Obstacles To Start Online Business

Yes, Amelia can help you.  Because Amelia learns the same way a conventional employee does, she fits comfortably into virtually any business environment, and since she’s cloud-based, she can be deployed anytime and anywhere, exploiting her fluency in more than 20 languages to communicate with customers and staffers across the globe.

In short, Amelia does have to replace you, but you can hire her so you can prosper.


Earning Online Made Easy

Never Too Late To Start

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Obstacles In Starting Online Business


The era of working at a job and expecting it to last lifetime (until retirement) is almost extinct.  As a matter of fact, over 90 million people are without meaningful jobs in the United States.  It is scary picture indeed.  The options for earn livelihood (and plus more) are plenty thanks to internet.

There are significant advantages in being in internet business- flexible schedule and working from home.  The relishing fact is that you are your own ‘boss’.
Though there are many factors for venturing into internet business, you must weigh negatives associated with it.  It is imperative that you consider them and be prepared to address them.

Not Knowing Where To Start

Before starting an online business, you want to jump in, you at least need do some research. If you want to see results, you need to have some understanding of your market, your potential users, and your competition. Find a niche that seems promising and do some keyword research to help you get focused.  Once you decide You must stick with what you are doing. However, you must develop global approach, i.e. create a system which incorporates traffic generation yielding leads which brings you to clients (buyers).
There are many business models which are successful. Once you find your focus, stick with it and make it work. Jumping from affiliate program to affiliate program and niche to niche trivializes your efforts.

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It can be expensive.

Based on various published studies, the average cost of starting business is $30,000   But the good news is that internet business can be started with virtually nothing and build it from the ground up.  But it is not easy task.

It is too time consuming.

At the onset, you must know internet evolves at very fast pace.  That means, as a novice you have to learn basics and keep up with evolving techniques.  That means you have devote lots of time in learning.  The main drawback is that your family and/or social life will be shot for a long while. If you want to become successful in your internet business, you need to ensure that your family is backing you wholeheartedly.

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There is so much to learn.

As I stated above, internet evolves every hour if not every minute.  Then you have to be able to master in content creation, internet marketing and monetizing business.  Since, you are on your own in internet business, calling someone for help is not even an option.  Of course, Google may have some answers, but good luck with that.

In the online business, you are likely to spend too much time learning.  You will need to be disciplined and accept the fact that you will not learn EVERYTHING about internet.  Organize, challenge and commit yourself to completing tasks that directly affect your website in a positive way.  The immediate goal is to start a module that will generate a regular earning stream.  That will build your confidence and motivate you to develop more earning modules.

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It can be stressful.

The bottom line doesn’t change just because you are working on your own.  That means, you have to have money coming into your business so you can get paid.  You will be one-person squad to handle various issues in your business.  Unfortunately, it is possible some of these issues may block money coming your way.  If you believe that your personal worth is based on how much you ear, you are bound to feel like a failure at the beginning stages of your online business.  You need to understand that money does not come instantly in this business. Making the first hundred dollars consistently for six months in a row will be an arduous task.

It is technically overwhelming.

Just imagine what you have to learn to be in internet business- e-commerce, WordPress, website hosting, marketing, traffic generation, etc.  It could take months (or years) to learn just basics.  Unfortunately, nobody is born with the knowledge to run a successful home business.  So there are enormous challenges for you to become successful.

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