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How To Slash Your Cable Bill And Get More Entertainment?

It is well known that we are all victims of the cable companies. Their customer service sucks. How about rate hikes- there are no end to it?

Furthermore, you are likely to spend well over $200 per month for additional entertainment services such as DVD rentals, pay-per-view events, etc.

There are few solutions out there that will free you from your cable companies. There are few companies will negotiate rates for you with your cable companies. You can also switch your cable providers to qualify as a “new customer” with another cable company.

Slash Your Cable Bill Now

Of course there are other options. The video entertainment has become a part of mainstream option as new streaming services are emerging. Simply put now you can find most of what you need without paying a cable bill.

There are streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. They have excellent selections of TV shows and movies, both modern and classic, and the services are quite inexpensive. Each one costs between $8 and $12 per month, depending on what kind of options you need. As good as it may sound, you will still not get everything you want or need for your entertainment- such as pay-per view movies, sports, entertainment shows.

Slash Your Cable Bill Now

But with all this choice comes the challenge of understanding these new and unfamiliar services—and figuring out which combination of them would serve your needs at the lowest price. But there is a streaming service that does include excellent selections of TV shows and movies, pay-per-view movies, pay-per-view sports events, pay-per-view entertainment events.

  • The system is suited to replace your DVD player.
  • It allows you to find and watch live sporting events.
  • It will also allow you to find and watch movies currently in the theaters.

How do you go about it? Actually it is very simple. It requires combination of basic cable service and independent streaming service that will provide total entertainment for you and your family at very low monthly rate. Basic plan allows you to access many free cable and network channels. By getting only basic service you will reduce monthly bill with the cable company. The independent streaming service will provide you with total entertainment at your home- when you want it. Simply stated, you are in control.

Slash Your Cable Bill Now

Here is what you need to do:



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