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5 Essentials To Live Life

Your Life- What Do You Want?

It may sound a simple question, but you will be surprised that many folks have no idea. Of course, there will be many responses to the question – travel to Hawaii, become CEO, win a lottery, etc. But as we are evolving and developing in tech-frenzied and timeless world, we humans stray from universal and timeless wants. If you think about wants they are so simple and yet elusive and impossible to attain.

What one really wants, you ask.

Here’s my take on what’s missing in life and work today. Interestingly, it is possible to attain these even in this tech-frenzied and timeless world of ours.

Be Ageless Forever


There is no better place for freedom (relatively speaking, of course) in the world than the United States. But to be free does not mean you have freedom. Freedom requires you to stand up powerfully for what you want and believe in. By the way, that itself is not enough. You need to pursue what you want and believe with commitment.

Experiencing freedom is willing to be yourself. It starts with having authentic values and beliefs. This is crucial because there will be others to tell you (or force you) what is right for you. You will need to be bold and courageous because in life you will meet challenges and nay-sayers.

Experiencing freedom allows you to fail along the way without regrets but willing to learn from the failures. Yes, freedom is in experiencing success with blend of failures. Sounds easy, but many are scared to muster the courage.

Real freedom is being you, knowing you and respecting you.

Be Ageless Forever


The basic of being you to have freedom means having confidence. Most people have skills and special talents but they are doubtful about their capabilities. It is not necessarily their fault. It is easy to lose self-confidence as we may experience situations that are hurtful and challenging. We are also surrounded by others who are either yelling or tearing us down.

Yes indeed, it is tough world out there. But you are the only one who knows your abilities. Most of all, you ought not to be afraid to fail because the failure will make you even better. It is belief in you that you are willing and ready, eventually to forge ahead to soar.

Think about it, if you can’t have confidence in you, how anyone else can have in confidence in you.

Be Ageless Forever


It is amazing how you are likely to refer to your work when passion is mentioned. But it is your life that you need to be passionate about. Life is not merely existing for a paycheck or doing secure things day after day.

When you are passionate about your life, you will overcome feelings of ineptitude or negativity because of setbacks you may experience. Though it is not that you desire setbacks, but it is acknowledging that any setback is not the end of the world because you still have life ahead for which you have passion for.

It is the core belief that you are here for a purpose. The purpose you will define and/or develop only to be tuned and modified as you pursue your journey in life.

Simply put, living your life, as you define it, is ultimate passion.

Be Ageless Forever


Once you have defined freedom, instilled confidence and realized you passion, you will understand your life priorities to have balance in your life. To attain balance in your life, you ought to know non-negotiables thus you will be living from that knowledge, and making the right decisions that align with your top life priorities.

It is to be noted that balance is NOT stability. Your life needs to have balance because events in occurring in life are likely to dent stability. Events such as loss of a job, death in family, domestic turbulence are likely to shake stability but it is you who needs to have balance.

Your balance comes from your spirit, your know-how, your abilities, enabling you to handle what comes your way.

Simply put, balance is there when you realize that NOTHING outside of you is secure or stable.

Be Ageless Forever


Fulfillment is void of emptiness in life. Sounds profound, but it is not. In the age of constant wants and desires, you are likely feel unsatisfied. Fulfillment is possible when you are honoring your own potential, not forsaking yourself by putting everyone else in front of you. Fulfillment comes when you take bold actions that say “yes” to the future vision of you despite temporary setbacks.

Fulfillment is possible when you are able to effectively separate who you are from what you do. You need to look at your life as a whole and emphasize overall happiness. It is essential to understand that happiness is from within. Most people are in search for happiness outside themselves- in a job, a partner, a family. Yes, some of the exterior situations lead to happiness but your happiness need not be tied to external events or folks.

Simply put, you have attained fulfillment you are not “running on empty”.

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