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Generating Leads For Your Business Quickly

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There is no secret to success in business- online or offline.  The essence of success lies in marketing system that encompasses leads for the business.  Simply put, nothing happens without a lead. No sales, no revenue, no profit, no nothing.

But lead generation is not quick and at the beginning may be very hectic and time consuming.  For those who want quick results, lead generation is likely to try your patience.  But remember, it is effective.  If you are dedicated to the long term success, your lead generation efforts will pay off.  At the same time, there are some short term strategies to collect the leads.  You will have to include both lead generation methods.

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It is often said that money is in the list.  That is not a totally accurate statement.  If your offer is good enough and is sent to your list, which is targeted, will generate sales.  It is imperative to have the lists in two categories- list of people who have interests in your products or services and list of people who have actually procured your products or services.  The main objective of the list is to create buyers for today and many tomorrows.

There are many gurus that will tell you that business is about building relationships.  But people buy things because they want it or need it. They buy because they're yearning for the perceived benefits of what you provide. Yes a relationship helps. But you are in business to earn money.

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Here are few short and quick steps to build your list quickly:


People like to be entertained, so make sure the content of your video is clearly INFOTAINMENT. The objective of the video is to entertain, inform and in exchange for their contact information.

Create a video and post it to YouTube and your own site. Be sure to take them to your lead collection link (optin page).

Some of you will not know how to make video. No problem.  Choose a video that has gone viral or has been viewed often and may be valuable to people.  By adding a floating form to the video, the viewers will provide their contact information before they check out the video.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and etc.- is powerful resources to spread information. Link to your video with short message will enhance viewership and, in turn, more people will optin.  You can also promote your services to specific Facebook groups at no cost.  Be careful, as posting too many times may ban you from Facebook.

Instead of FREE stuff offer Baits

If you have no offers that is fine.  You can run a survey.  Usually McDonald's or Burger King offers coupons or gift cards for filling in simple questionnaire or providing an email address.  Create a floating form for each offer.  Then ask people to select which one they like best- McDonalds or Burger King.  No matter which one they click, people may optin on your floating form.  In addition, McDonalds and Burger King will pay you for clicks.  This strategy is cost effective because it gets you contact information and yet you could earn simultaneously.

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