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Secret to Great Opportunities Is From People You Haven’t Met Yet

Have you checked out your social circle? Surely, you are likely to say you have huge network. But when you check out that is a narrow social circle with similar people. Your circle is likely to be of same ethnicity, similar likes and dislikes, etc.. In all probability, they resemble you in some manner.

Tanya Menon, Organizational psychologist, questions about people’s circles and encourages them to widen their social universes at her TED talk. Tanya Menon considers how you can be more intentional about expanding your social universes — and how it can lead to new ideas and opportunities.

You Can Be Part of Top Four Percent

If you think about it, check back and see special moments in your life (other than special family events), you will realize that those came from people you met for the first time or places where you have never been to. Those were your new connections.

Tanya Menon states that these weak ties — or new connections — are “your ticket to a whole new social world”. She encourages people to break their social habits by making life a little more inefficient and straying from their daily routines. She suggests visiting new social hubs including coffee shops.

You Can Be Part of Top Four Percent

Have you wondered how did you get your job? Most likely you found the job through weak ties- from people you just met recently. According to sociologist Mark Granovetter, most people don’t secure job opportunities through strong ties — think mother, father, significant other.

It is interesting phenomenon in today’s changing world. As more people seek to be on their own rather than depend on a company for their livelihood, networking is essential. It entails on reaching out to the people who may not be in your “circle”. To network effectively, you will need to affirm yourself with positive statements regularly. That can only happen if you have confidence in yourself about who you are. You will be surprised how positive you can be when you liberate from conventional way. You will realize your uniqueness as you reach out.

You Can Be Part of Top Four Percent

Simply put, you are already aware of the universe within, reach out to the universe beyond.

Men- The Forgotten Gender

bhardwaj01It is very common in today’s society to divide one against other either on basis of color, gender, religion or personal beliefs or lifestyles.

When it comes to gender division it is so obvious that all men have been crucified in the pretext of addressing fairness to women.  What remains forgotten by women is that women have men in their lives whether they be fathers, brothers, sons, etc.  Most men may not have abused them.

In that context, it is ironic that TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talk featured Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj discussing how men in the Indian society are suffering due to draconian laws passed to protect women.  She talks of men who are victimized and systematically abused by the laws that are made to protect men.

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj is a journalist, anchor and a documentary filmmaker. A software engineer turned Journalist, she was one of the ten media professionals selected from around the world for ‘Future Media Leaders Course’ conducted by Thomson Foundation, UK.

Ms. Bhardwaj ought to be applauded for speaking up for men as justice, fairness and compassion should be available for all genders.  It is hoped that draconian laws against men do not creep up in the United States.

The Millionaire Mindset

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