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Do You Have Diabetes?

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Did you know that you may have diabetes and not know it.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms are especially hard to pinpoint. The disease progresses slowly, and you may not realize that you have developed it without screening. According to the American Diabetes Association, there are 29 million people in the U.S. who have diabetes out of which 8 million are undiagnosed.

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However, there are few symptoms which may be an indication of possible diabetes.

  • You have to urinate more often. This is because your kidneys are working harder to process extra sugar in your urine.
  • You feel more thirsty than usual. As you urinate more, you feel more dehydrated – and that makes you want to drink more liquids. Some people also feel hungrier than usual.
  • You have increased urinary tract, yeast or vaginal infections. 
  • You experience unintentional weight loss. While many people want to lose weight, the weight loss that occurs faster than normal may not be a healthy weight loss. It happens because your body can't properly use insulin to help process glucose, a sugar found in food, for fuel. So your body starts to process fat and muscle for fuel.
  • You have flu-like symptoms or feel more fatigued. The fatigue comes from a lack of glucose, your body's No. 1 energy source.
  • You experience occasional blurred vision. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to a condition called diabetic retinopathy, which affects your vision.

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The Type 2 diabetes symptoms are confusing because the signs of aging and the signs of diabetes can overlap. It is also possible that your symptoms could also overlap with the effects of certain drugs. It is also possible that you are getting used to living with certain symptoms- such as fatigue or increased urination.

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If you are in an insurance program that allows a yearly checkup program, then your doctor is able to monitor a fasting blood sugar check. The blood sugar check provides a hemoglobin A1C check, which measures your average blood sugar over the previous three months. The advantage of the test that it could also reveal if you have prediabetes – which means you still have time to change your eating habits and physical activity so you don't develop full-blown Type 2 diabetes.

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Diabetes Destroyer Review

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Type 2 diabetes is a big problem. Once you have been hit by the diabetes, you may be totally at mercy of the doctors. They will prescribe various medications which may adverse impact on your health.

There have been many claims to reverse diabetes without medications. But the one system that stands out is Diabetes Destroyer System (DDS) by David Andrews.

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David Andrews, 51 year old from Washington D.C. area, had been suffering with Type 2 diabetes for over 10 years of his life. David was spending over $2000 per month on insulin, as well as other diabetes medicines such as Metformin, Amaryl and Actos. While at work in his restaurant, he went into ‘diabetic coma’ and fainted. . He was rushed to the hospital and was told that his blood glucose level was at 1,174 and he needed to have his legs amputated because his diabetes was so much advanced.

Life is such that one often comes “miracles’ when you least expect it. David’s family came across a Facebook post about a Newcastle University research study on Diabetes by a researcher named ‘Dr. Roy Taylor’. This study found a way to eliminate Diabetes in diabetics almost immediately. It was through reading this research study that David began to form the basis of what would later become the Diabetes Destroyer system.

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After gastric bypass surgery, Dr. Taylor found that his diabetes patients had their blood sugar and insulin levels return to normal levels. This was unusual, since gastric bypass surgery had nothing to do with blood sugar or diabetes. It was revealed that the removal of fatty deposits around the pancreas would allow it to properly regulate insulin levels in the body.

This meal plan contained the correct proportions of sugars, fats, carbs and vitamins that would help to remove these fatty deposits around the pancreas. By using this meal plan, Dr Taylor performed a study on Type 2 diabetes sufferers of all ages and types.

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Every single person, who completed the meal plan was able to have their type 2 diabetes reversed. They were all able to stop using their medication as well. Encouraged by these results, David Andrews used this meal plan as the basis for his Diabetes Destroyer program.

The Diabetes Destroyer by David Andrews is a simple and easy to understand system. It is easy to implement, since there are step by step instructions & meal plans, exercises and strategies that are carefully laid out for you.

The method is a scientifically proven system and it does offer quick results. It also offers a permanent solution to type 2 diabetes rather than being dependent on medications that are short term solutions.

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Is Reversing Diabetes Possible?


There has been dramatic increase in number of people affected by diabetes.   According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) about 8.3% of Americans have diabetes.  The National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP) reckons that of the 25.6 million affected, 7 million are undiagnosed.

Diabetes occurs when there is an increased sugar level in your blood due to the body's failure to produce adequate insulin. The condition can also arise in case there is a problem with insulin receptors which leads to its classification as type 2 diabetes.

In most cases, you are forced to endure insulin shots daily.  The costs associated with the diabetes treatment can compound over the years.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports costs the country $245 million annually.  Moreover, there are multiple health complications that can eventually be fatal if adequate care is not taken.  It is known fact that drugs and injections have side effects and many people have not improved their lives through this drug option.

Mostly, diabetes is categorized as lifestyle disease.  There are few precautions can be taken so that you can prevent from being a victim of disease.  If you have been diagnosed with diabetes (Type 2), by amending your lifestyle and dietary intake you could be on a sure path to recovery.  But you must take bold and practical approach.

It is in this light that Matt Traverso's Reverse Your Diabetes Today, self-help guide, has been formulated to change the way you have perceived this disease.  His basic premise is that “you are what you eat”.  He claims that by eating the right foods at the right time, there will be no need for insulation shots or drugs.

As such, this self-help guide posits that you can in fact manage your insulin levels naturally without pumping your ailing body with more drugs. It seeks to tackle two main causes of diabetes; obesity and a dysfunctional pancreas.

The self-help guide arms you with detailed information.  It provides insight into diabetes which you may not have received from your doctor.  You get to learn causes, symptoms and risk factors.  You will also learn link between food and diabetes.  The guide focuses on foods that are detrimental to you.  The guide stresses foods that can help you control your insulin levels naturally.

A quick overview of the benefits of using this book is as follows:

  • Novel approach that is powerful and may very well result in managing your diabetes  effectively. You will learn the A to Z of diabetes, the wrong perceptions, how to detoxify your body naturally and how to escape the trap of drug manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Live a fuller life; with a better diet and insulin levels in check, you can live life to the fullest.
  • Easy to follow steps to manage your diabetes.

In summary, Reverse Your Diabetes Today can help you regain control of your life and win the diabetes struggle. Ultimately, the guide will show you can enjoy life as healthy and energized person.

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Can Diabetes Be Cured By Proper Nutrition?


I am not medically qualified to state that Type 2 diabetes can be cured.  But I can tell you from my personal experience that with proper nutritional guidance, daily exercise routine and individual motivation, Type 2 diabetes can be managed (perhaps, reversed).

Surprisingly, major health entities, medical professionals and big drug companies do not want to admit that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed. Every major diabetes organization – the American Diabetes Association, The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, Diabetic Living Magazine – maintain the Type 2 diabetes is for the life of the patient and there is no cure for the diabetes.

However, few prominent physicians- Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. John McDougall- are not afraid to speaking out about reversing diabetes.  They state that it can be done, and they have done it.

Diabetes is not a bug we catch. Most of us know it's the foods we eat that create the dysfunction within.  The culprits behind the onset of diabetes are most definitely refined, processed foods. These include refined sugars, refined flours and refined oils. It's the bakery goods, the hamburger and hot dog buns, and the foods deep-fried in trans-fats and additives of highly processed oils.  Furthermore most people’s diet does not include fresh fruit and vegetable fiber. In various reports, there is a definite correlation between the introduction and proliferation of high fructose corn syrup, the rise in polyunsaturated fats, and the decline of animal fats, and the rise in diabetes.  To cure diabetes, quitting all refined foods is a must.  That is not an easy task.

The ten foods that must be avoided for diabetes are candies, pretzels, raisins, pancake and syrup, bacon, fruit juices, white bread, French fries, cakes and pastries and whole milk.

It is possible that at the onset of discovering elevated blood sugar, medical doctors could write necessary prescriptions for diabetes drugs for their patients along with advice from certified nutritionist on food and nutrition.

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