Touch Me

Surely, you heard the expression, “Love is in the air!”

Really! Love is in the heart. Think about it. When you are in love, it is your heart that flutters, beats loudly. When love fades or ends, you are heartbroken.
Your heart is nucleus of your feelings- love, sorrow, joy, emotions. Heart is where doubts and hurts are felt.

Capture His Heart

Life is journey through the heart. Heart that senses love. Heart that experiences emotions generated from conflicts, hurt, losses. Whatever the emotions, they give your life meaning and directions.

Often you are likely to be thought to suppress your feelings. But it is essential-in each one’s unique way- to open your heart to feel the emotions of the moment. Let the emotions touch you. There is nothing irrational in feeling the pulses of experiences. Simply, let mind grasp the intensity of feelings of your heart.

Capture His Heart

Yes, mind is there for your logic.  But the heart is center your feelings- of your being. Let your mind guide but listen to your heart.  After all you are touched by your experiences in your life.

{NOTE: In these pages, touching moments of various experiences will be shared. Your inputs and comments are welcome.}